Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Night...


My thoughts lately are all geared toward the book I'm working on and I can't seem to make myself blog.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter, we did. Spent it with family as usual. We did have some bad weather and tornadoes in our area, thankfully though nothing on our place was in the path. We did have some friends and family that were not as fortunate, but no one was hurt.

Got our chicken coop built, got a few more chickens, and are now enjoying having eggs! I'm tickled at the fact that you can literally clock our one laying hen........she lays at the same time every day! Is that normal? Olivia and Elise like getting the eggs, and they LOVE playing in the coop as well and will entertain themselves in there for quite some time. I guess I should be glad they can entertain themselves so easily?

I did an interview with the paper a few weeks ago, and then Life Teen a couple of days ago and enjoyed those. The article for the paper was already published and the one for Life Teen hasn't gone to print yet. As for anything else going on, I have nothing at this time that I know of. I do have the pleasure of going go Minnesota next week for Envoy Medicals annual share-holders meeting. They are flying us up there to meet everyone and be a part. I'm excited. I've never been to Minnesota, and it will be nice to meet everyone there.

Today I attended a memorial service for my Great Uncle that died. He was 84 and had been in bad health this last year. He was a member of AA and had been for 20+ years. There were several people from his group that got up and spoke, as well as others. As I sat there listening to all these folks talk about how my Uncle Tommy had impacted them over the years, I was reminded of how I felt when my Grandpa and my FIL passed away and we had their funeral services. It's amazing to hear so many people speak of how these men impacted them in such a prominent way in their lives. I find that the common thread every time is love. Every person is so affected by someone showing love and kindness. I am also reminded of when we went to China. The company that hired us to go over stated that our sole mission was just to go over and love on the Chinese. It wasn't about trying to 'convert them' or 'teach them', it was simply about showing love and kindness. I often say over and over that I wished people (myself included) could wake up every day and have the mindset to be kind to every person they meet. I know that will never happen, but it'd be awesome if it did.

Anyway, I'm babbling on. Hope everyone has a great week. I get to start my Monday off going to the dentist. LOL. I don't have a problem with the dentist..........I just hate going because I'd rather spend my time doing something outside, or playing with the girls, or about a million other things. I find I'm like a kid in that way.

Sarah <3