Monday, March 25, 2013


Returned home yesterday from a wonderful weekend in Palestine, Tx. We were guests of honor at the Palestine Community Theater, and got to see 'Ghosts' the musical. It was my first musical since being activated, and it was great! I had a book signing, sold some books, made some new friends, hit up the local thrift store, ate some yummy food, and took the girls to see The Croods (it was really good).

Last night we had a meeting to go over the Advocare 24 Day Challenge we started this morning. I'm excited about this venture. Days 1-10 are 'cleanse' days, and I know my body could use it. The girls and I have been running errands and decided to stop for a pedicure :) We are getting our garden ready, so we're heading to the feed store to get seeds afterwards. Both our girls have gymnastics tonight.

Tomorrow, my oldest daughter Olivia starts art lessons. she is so excited. Tomorrow night I speak at a DynaMaxx meeting in Arlington.

This is my Monday in a nutshell!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Ok, several have asked that I post my schedule on here......I'll post what I know so far. There are several things that are 'in the works' but I don't like to post until it's a sure deal ;) I'm open to speaking gigs and signings, just holler at me for details.


Thursday, March 21st: I'll be at a "Meet the Authors Night" in Cleburne at Wright Plaza. 5:30 to 9. There will be several other authors there, as well as a wine tasting and snacks. I'll be signing books and speaking.

Saturday, March 23rd: I'll be in Palestine, Texas at Old Magnolia Mercantile starting at 11. I'll have books.

Tuesday, March 26th: I'll be speaking and doing a signing at 'Setting the Pace, Team DynaMaxx' in Arlington, Texas. Starts at 6:30.

There are some other possible things for March, but it's looking like they'll be moved to April.


Friday, April 12th: I'll be in The Woodlands for a book club that's hosting me. I'll be speaking and signing books there at 1 at the Country Club.

Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th: I'll be at the Super Stakes in Fort Worth! I'll be at the Justin Insurance booth on both days. Stop by!

There are some church things that may pan out, and a signing at a local beauty salon, as well as a few other things. I'll post once they are set in stone. I appreciate you all following along :)


Ok, so yesterday I did an 'AMA' on reddit. WOW! I was completely overwhelmed at the response and still have not gotten through all the questions. I'll do another one when I'm more prepared and schooled on the whole thing. Thank you guys!!! I've offered to do a 'Q & A' type thing here on my blog, but it never took off, so I assumed the reddit thing wouldn't fly well either. I was wrong!

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to remind some of you folks that I do have a public Facebook page at:

If you are a 'Facebooker', go check it out :) I try to keep it current with interviews, upcoming signings, book news, and just general stuff. I do giveaways from time to time too. I really appreciate all of you out there. I wanted to thank those of you who have left a review of my book on Amazon. If anyone else that has read the book would like to help me out and leave a review, the link to do so is:

I GREATLY appreciate you guys!!!!!

If anyone is wondering where to buy a copy of my book at, go to, or you can purchase a signed copy from me as long as you pay shipping.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday so far, I plan to make it a good one. I have groom dogs coming, and then I foresee a pedicure in my future :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Some have suggested that my Facebook posts are worthy of my I'll give it a go! Today is Friday! It's a beautiful day here in North Texas :)

Ellie May Clampett post #296: I should be cleaning my house and getting ready for 'Girls Game Night'......but my new Kitchen Aid mixer was screaming to be sent out on its maiden what's a girl to do? Bake up a batch of organic dog biscuits of course!

I'm sure my dogs are thrilled......but I really should bake something for all my friends coming over tonight ;) Im off to do that!