Monday, December 17, 2012


Well........once again I've failed to keep up on here. I'm currently sitting in my kitchen drinking a reheated cup of Starbucks coffee someone blessed me with yesterday. Lol. I'm watching Elise run around the house chasing our new puppy, Birdie. Olivia is with Sloan, they went to go check out my truck that broke down yet again on me last night.

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I were going to visit a friend in Lewisville (an hour away) when the bakes and steering went out on my truck. We were doing 65 down 121, and by the grace of God I managed to coast across 4 lanes of traffic and hit a grassy ditch before rolling to a stop in a muddy pasture.........all while the girls were in the backseat asking for their chocolate cake we had bought just 30 min before. Life keeps me on my toes for sure. I try to always keep this blog positive and 'whine free'........but real quick, if anyone feels led, please pray for us a new vehicle. Lol. It doesn't need to be 'new' new, doesn't even have to be shiny! I'm just growing weary of being a one car family and Sloan riding his motorcycle everywhere so that the kids and I have the truck. It's a truck that was passed on to us when Sloan's father passed away 3 years ago, and I have driven it with pride these last 3 years......but it's getting worn out and Sloan can nay 'fix it' so many times. Lol.

Ok, on to cool stuff: The Ricki Lake Show! We flew out to LA (Culver City) for an interview with Ricki last week. She has a new show that started up in September, and I was taking a bubble bath one night when one of her producers called me :) She had heard my interview on NPR and wanted us on the show. We flew in Monday night, and after I shut my thumb in the limo door and nearly died, we met friends for dinner at a fantastic noodle joint! About the thumb.........I know it's just a thumb, but I'm pretty sure I'd choose child birth on my living room floor again over the thumb injury! Seriously, it hurt SO bad and I swear I cracked the end of the bone or something. It's all black and blue and hurts still. I keep waiting for my nail to fall off. Lol. Anyway, met up with some old 'China friends' and hung out at Orachon Ramen. It's a little hole in the wall joint that 'Man vs Food' visited a while back. Epic noodles! We slept in late the next morning and had breakfast then got ready to head to the studio. Everyone at Culver Studios that we encountered was very nice. They got us all prettied up, covered up all our tattoos, and we went onstage. I was SO excited to meet Ricki......I loved her first in Serial Mom, but grew even more affection for her after seeing Business of Being Born. It's a documentary about birth, and it shows her home water birth :) Anyway, we would film, then they'd go to commercial and we got to talk with Ricki during commercial breaks! She asked me about my home birth, then about my ears. She was very nice and down to Earth and really seemed like someone I'd love to hang out with. As soon as the show was done taping, they whisked us away to the airport as our flight was leaving at 7. It was a quick in and out trip because Sloan had to go to work, but I really enjoyed it, minus the thumb incident.

I don't know about y'all, but we have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. I don't know if its the weather (It was 80 yesterday) or what. I normally get a tree the second they start selling them, but this year we had to wait for funds and just got one last week. The girls really enjoyed decorating it, and that made us happy. I am looking forward to all the family parties and getting together though.

I am currently trying to garner more book signings. I have a few in the works here in Texas, but am hoping to branch out to other states. There has been talk of going to a bookstore in Denver, Co. called Tattered Cover. If any of my readers are near that area, feel free to call them and request me for a signing! Lol. I've had 3 signings so far, the 1st one went really well, and the other 2 were small but good. My book is still only available through me or the publisher at this time. It will go to book shelves and e book format in a few weeks. If you are interested in a book now, holler at me or go to I really appreciate the support from everyone!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone has a great week.

Much love,