Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have once again failed miserably at keeping this blog current. Life has been busy lately :) Vacations, road trips, etc. I've done a few interviews, only one was televised. I was invited to go on D The Broadcast TV last month, it was fun! The ladies I spoke with were all very nice and the whole set had a great vibe, I really enjoyed myself. Awhile back I did an interview with Science Care that was really good, they asked some different questions and the interview was published online. They have since asked me to come speak at their event they host in October in Long Beach. I'm honored to be a part and looking forward to it. Other than that, I have some speaking/signing opportunities coming up at a local Lion's Club and then a women's group at a local country club. Things have slowed down this summer. (Or at least I'm hoping its due to summer) One really cool thing that has happened though, my book 'Powered On' is now available in e-book format! Whoo HOO! It reached best seller status on Amazon shortly after it was released.

In other news, my oldest daughter starts Kindergarten this year :( Sloan and I are sooooo sad and Olivia is sooooo excited. Ha. She's been begging to go to school since she was 2. It will be a big chance for the Churman household for sure. We just returned from Port Aransas last week, one last trip to the beach (that we know of) before school starts. The kids had a blast, they definitely got their 'water lovin, sun soaking' DNA from me :) We went to Destin, Florida at the beginning of the summer, and that really spoiled us because Port Aransas isn't nearly as pretty. Before that, Thailand spoiled Sloan and I! We backpacked for 3 1/2 months around SE Asia and Thailand back in '06-07 while we lived in China. Those are the prettiest beaches in the world and we're itching to get back! Maybe next year?

Well, I'm about to roll out of bed and start my day. Hope everyone has a great rest of their week. If you are willing to take some time to help me out......go rate my book on Amazon or Goodreads! I greatly appreciate it. I also have a public Facebook page at that I manage to keep up with a lot more than this blog unfortunately.