Thursday, March 22, 2012

Like the rain.......

Wow! So much has gone on and I've been bad to keep up on here. So sorry! I did have my 2nd ear activated, and I posted the link to that. It's hard to explain it, it's just a crazy sensation. I now have 'stereo sound' and it's an adjustment in itself. Lol. We have had some incredible storms lately, and being able to sit and listen to the thunder, the rain, and the wind has been incredible. Sloan and I have laid in bed at night and just listened. He told me the other day that even though he's been with me for 12 years and has experienced everything I've experienced, every struggle, every heartache, etc. Everything has a new meaning now and a new beauty for him. Watching me experience life anew has changed his perspective on many things. Thousands of complete strangers, people like YOU have said the same thing. Thanks for 'cheering' me on during this journey :)

Switching gears now.......A documentary film crew flew in for the activation and spent several days here. It was a group of 3 men, 2 from Cali, one from NY. They were an awesome group. When you find out you're going to have strangers in your home for a few days, it's always a little nerve wracking. Not even gonna lie. So far, everyone that has spent time with us, has been great. I think we connected with these guys the most so far though. They were just really nice and down to earth. We took them one night to see our friend's band (Josh Weathers Band) and they really seemed to enjoy that. We also had a party one night and we had them over for that, everyone really enjoyed meeting them and they seemed to enjoy themselves. They did interviews and did a bang up job on those..........they asked great questions and took lots of pictures. I'm excited to see the end result! You never realize how much work goes into a project like that until you experience it firsthand. These men flew across the U.S. to spend a few days with us, filmed footage like crazy, took a million photographs, and will go home and edit and cut and do their awesome work for a short film. It's humbling for someone to do that just to show your 'story'. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome and when you can see it.

As for what I'm enjoying most at this moment.............MUSIC! I get the full spectrum of it now and it's amazing. People constantly ask what I listen to, well as of right now my top 'play lists' are Dustin Kensrue, Abigail Washburn, Josh Weathers, Adele, 80's music (Bad Company, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.), The Judds (Ha), and a million others. I am learning more and more that I really have eclectic tastes in music! Makes sense........I have always been an eclectic person in general :) I kidnap Sloan's I Pod constantly and plug it into the thingy in our kitchen and blast music while cleaning or just doing stuff. The girls have always loved it when their Daddy blasts music and they all dance and go crazy. It's sort of a daily routine around here, except now I can really join in and enjoy.

Other exciting news??? We planted our garden :) We've had tons of rain recently and the garden is loving it! Got lil sprouts coming up and I'm enjoying not having to water it ;) In other 'lil sprouts' news, we also have baby rabbits. We breed and raise Californian meat rabbits, and one Momma had her babies last weekend. Another Momma is due this weekend. We also have Lovebirds, and they have laid eggs that are due to hatch next week if they are fertile. We shall see. Everything is growing, being born, and changing colors. Spring has definitely sprung around here!

I oftentimes have a hard time blogging because I think "People don't want to hear about my everyday boring life". So, I'm gonna try something new.............If you are interested in asking me a question or sending me a 'survey' of sorts, hit me up! I promise to do better about blogging. Send me your questions, survey, etc. and I'll answer it(them) and post it here!

Hope all of you have a great day!

Much love,


P.S. The photo above is a 'sneak peek' at the pictures our new friend Luis Pena took. He's an awesome photographer!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

2 EARS!!!

As promised, here it is! I'll blog later.......there's currently a documentary film crew here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok so I'm currently in the car on my way to Envoy! SO nervous! I didn't realize I'd b so nervous. I really thought the first ear would be the only 'nerve wracking' one. First let me apologize b/c Im on the IPad and it's literally the 3rd time I've used it. Just want to basically thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers. I will post a video tonight when we get home and possibly blog

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Gah....tomorrow is THE day! Activation Day! I'm so nervous.I couldn't sleep last night :( I'm so ready to do this, but yet so nervous as well. I'm hoping I won't have too much of an adjustment since I already have the one ear, but several Envoy folks are telling me to be prepared for just as much of an adjustment as the first ear. I'm excited to experience 'stereo sound' and a little embarrassed to admit that I actually had to Google what that was. LOL. I think because I know I have the other ear done, I'm tired of working out of one ear.

I've also decided to address the almost 10 million folks on YouTube in a video that my best friend will be willing to film tomorrow when I get activated. A while back they (YouTube folks) kept asking for me to post another video and I said when I hit 9 million I would. (Not realizing I'd hit it that fast) I've put it off and put it off because I have no idea what to say or how to express my gratitude to all those people! Time to do it though. Channel 11 will be putting together something to air with their footage and the documentary folks will be using the activation footage in their short they are making. As nervous as I am, I'm also equally excited. Just want today to fly by! Think cleaning will make that happen? *said in sarcastic tone* :)

In other news, if you haven't seen the KONY2012 video, look it up! I was contacted by one of the producers last night asking for permission to use my clip in this awesome short they've made. It apparently went viral and the Oprah Winfrey Network has picked it up and will air it! It's 29 minutes long and very touching. Really, take 29 minutes out of your day and watch it. It makes an impact and is taking off like wildfire! A friend of mine contacted me with the idea to do a benefit concert for KONY2012............I'm hoping it's a 'go'. That would be an awesome thing to be able to help in some way.

Well guys, I'll blog more later I'm sure I'll be up late ;) I can't think right now. Lol.

Much love,