Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So awhile back I posted on my Facebook that I was looking for good organizations, places, etc. to donate money to. I had been feeling the tug on my heart to start researching and thinking about places to bless with a donation. I did all this even though in my heart I knew where the first donation was to go. Several people suggested some wonderful places and I was educated on many of them. Our oldest daughter, Olivia Li, will be starting Kindergarten (**tears**) this coming school year. Many times a week we drive by the elementary school where she will attend, oddly enough it's the same elementary I attended as a kid..... I have fond memories of the place. Since she was 2 years old, no lie, she has begged to go to school. We kept telling her "When you turn 5 you can go." The morning after her 5th birthday she came downstairs dressed and ready and promptly stated "I'm ready for school!" Bless her little heart, I made Sloan be the bad guy and explain that she was gonna have to wait a bit. Lol. Anyways, back to my original thought. The Lord laid it on my heart awhile back that I'd soon be giving to Tarver Rendon Elementary. I of course said I'd gladly do so when the opportunity presented itself (a.k.a. MONEY). I called and spoke with the principal and she asked that I come in and speak with her. I set up an appointment and met with her a couple days later. She's a very nice lady, and happens to live just down the road from me. (The world gets smaller and smaller every day in case you weren't aware). I told her in a vague way that I felt led to give to the school, but I wanted the money to go to needy students. I asked about paying for lunches, buying supplies, etc. While there I gave her a book and we briefly talked about my journey this past couple of years. This all ended with me speaking to the counselor and being invited to come speak at Career Week at the school. She took me on a tour of the school (I hadn't set foot in the building since 5th grade). My girls were excited and asked many questions about my time there as a child. Some of the same teachers are still there! I walked out of there knowing that I would indeed give money when the time came.

That was several weeks ago........and yesterday I felt the Lord remind me as I went to the mailbox. Opened the mailbox and got what I like to call "mailbox money". I know the amount I am to give, and was going to talk to Sloan about it but got distracted. I was on my way to take Olivia to art class today, and as we drove by the school I was reminded again. I texted Sloan while sitting at the stoplight "Hey, I feel like we are to give Tarver Rendon xxxxx amount of money. You pray about it and let me know what you think." He promptly responded "We're spooky. I had that exact figure in my mind yesterday. Do it." I was relieved to have the confirmation.

Sooooo, tomorrow I'll go up to the school and talk with the principal again and give her the money. Those of you who are praying folks, please just pray that the money goes to the kids who need it the most. Tarver Rendon is currently building a new school and will be moving before the new school year. I realized the irony in my timing by thinking "they are getting a brand new school........they don't need my money" but was quickly reminded of the kids. We're those 'hippy' parents who aren't happy with any educational choice for our kids. I'm not a fan of homeschooling, I'm not a fan of public schools, private schools, charter schools, etc. In a perfect world we'd live in a community/compound where different people taught our children different things. They'd go to you for math (sure as hell wouldn't learn any math from me! LOL), they'd go to Sloan for history, they'd come to me for English, they'd go to so-and-so for science, etc. So, until we win the lottery and can hire a scholar like Sloan wishes we could do, I'll settle for helping my kids as much as I can. Working with them. Enrolling them in whatever outside things I think they should partake in and would like. Being present and making sure I feel they are getting as much as they can from our public school system. We hope to push them, propel them, encourage their spirits, and go for what they are good at.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. Hope you all have a great Tuesday. I'm fixing to groom some dogs!!!