Tuesday, September 27, 2011

YouTube video of my ear being turned on


Just so I have a way of always finding it easy since I'm not a big YouTube person....Posting it on here :)


  1. Sarah, I just sent you email on the gmail account. I have some questions for you. Ann Tracy Mueller, co-editor, Health Care Communication News

  2. Hope you don't mind, I've signed up to follow your blog. Your vid link didn't post correctly - here's a good link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsOo3jzkhYA

    I'm reading "The Ultimate Gift" after having seen the movie last week via Netflix. Mention that only because the passage I read at lunch today had me feeling the same as when watching your video. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels just knowing that small 90-second portion of your life. Of all the experiences that could be shared, that has to be among the most magical.

    I am so happy for you and I envy those who are in your life who will be hounding you to experience this or that. For me I'd be making a list of all the movies I could think of with sounds that were as striking as the visuals, and as it happens I stumbled on your vid just after watching a new music video by the singer Adele, so I'd add that too I guess :)

    I hope to see you and your husband in a TV interview soon, otherwise will keep a lookout for other stories or experiences you choose to share. Grats again, this made my weekend.

  3. Sarah, I just wanted to let you know your video made my day. I wanted to thank you for reminding me of the things that I take for granted every day. Something like my ability to hear, or my ability to see, or even walk. Your video has had a profound affect on many people across the web. Your video was a wonderful and amazing thing to see and I can only imagine how magical it is to discover sound for the first time!

  4. Hey Sara,
    I <3 your story...so much that I watched it twice. I shared the video with my friends and decided to share it with my readers. www.Cocoalafemme.com. You can check it out here http://cocoalafemme.com/?p=3283.

    I would love for you to post a comment on how you are adjusting to hearing your girls and all the new sounds.

    I also included how people can communicate with the hearing impaired (Sign Language)and links to organizations related to deafness and communication disorders. Thanks For Making The WORLD Aware<3 We Are Listening<3

  5. Thank You for brightening my day.
    Watching your reaction in your video brought me me great joy and happiness.
    It was wonderful, tears of joy and happiness; rather than my usual faire of sorrow.

    Enjoy your blessing and if you have trouble sleeping at night due to noise, add some type of noise generator to your room to blank out the outside noises (radio on low volume, fan, etc.)

    I hope you enjoy your voice in song, birds in the meadow, wind whispering through the trees, the millions of things we take for granted everyday; as you explore your new found blessing.

    Take care and have fun exploring.


  6. Your video brought me to tears. Thanks for trying to save humanity's soul.

  7. Thank you for sharing your video. It truly was a beautiful moment.

    I understand you're busy, but I'd love to communicate with you with regards to your implant if you feel comfortable discussing it. I have severe to profound hearing loss myself (nerve deafness, born with it) and I am finding myself approaching seriously considering an implant. I've always been a little scared of the idea...


  8. Your video made me cry like a baby. I take waaaay too much for granted! God Bless You!!!!!
    Mom in Michigan
    age 36

  9. Dear Sarah,

    I'm so happy for you.

    Can I assume that you haven't really heard music until now?

    I just want to welcome you to one of the most sublime experiences a human being can have: the music of J.S. Bach. I feel about him kind of the way born-agains feel about Jesus, and a lot of the smartest, most enlightened and most amazing people who have ever lived are on my team here. For one thing, he managed to create little black dots on paper which translate into music which is so spiritually clean and profound that it is impossible to use it for evil. If you try, you can probably ruin it or make it boring, but you can't make it evil.

    He is also the musical equivalent of Isaac Newton -- he laid it all out, the sound of the universe, and to go further than he did you have to invent a whole different paradigm of sound. I don't think it's at all an exaggeration, when you look at all the facts about him, to say that he's the most wonderful white male Europe ever produced.

    Good places to dip your toe are the Unaccompanied Cello Suites (a version by Yo-Yo Ma is a good place to start, also Pablo Casals), and both sets of the Well-Tempered Clavier. With his keyboard music, unless it's for organ, it must be performed by Glenn Gould. Accept no substitute, at least until you really feel you appreciate the music and are ready to branch out.

    It might take you a while to work up to Bach, because he speaks such a sophisticated musical language and you're just getting used to all sound, but on the other hand you don't have to be an astrophysicist to be awed by the Milky Way.

    I just wanted to welcome you with love to one of the greatest, most sublime, most godly joys of existence on this material plane. Music is the main thing that has kept me clinging on to life myself, and it makes me very happy to know that just one more person is able to step through those huge wooden doors into the greatest cathedral in the world.


    nate van til

    By the way, now silence will become a much more profound concept for you, I suspect. Here's some thoughts from John Cage, one of the most profound musical minds ever.


    He's right, I think, and one reason I revere Bach so much is that I think he got his own ego out of the way of the sound of the universe -- more than any other Western composer, certainly.

  10. Sarah, first off I hope all is continuing to go well with your implant.

    My 29 year old wife has recently lost a large majority of her hearing in both ears, and has been scheduled for the Cochlea Implant surgery days before Christmas. I'm not sure what brand implant they are using at the moment, but guarantee that I'll be wanting it to be an Esteem one.

    Your video has sprung hope as well as overwhelming happiness in mere minutes. I hadn't cried in a long long time and suddenly found myself bawling. Thank you so much for posting the video, and writing this blog.

    T-minus 10 weeks and counting!!!!


  11. Just watched this today. Incredible. I can't even imagine what that experience would have been like for you. Best wishes to you and your family!

  12. This video made me so happy. :D

  13. Fantastic video! I've posted the link far and wide
    Careful tho - the link at the top is incorrect
    Should be http://youtu.be/LsOo3jzkhYA

    Good work
    Regards from Sydney Australia

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsOo3jzkhYA

  15. "Overboard" is the adjective I'd use to describe your reaction.

  16. Hi Sarah,

    Just wanted to encourage you. I've watched your video a number of times and am overjoyed for you. Last night I used your video to illustrate joy when teaching our youth group on John 16:22 - How inexpressible our joy will be when we see Christ again and that no one will be able to take our joy away.

    May your joy be made full,