Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok so I'm currently in the car on my way to Envoy! SO nervous! I didn't realize I'd b so nervous. I really thought the first ear would be the only 'nerve wracking' one. First let me apologize b/c Im on the IPad and it's literally the 3rd time I've used it. Just want to basically thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers. I will post a video tonight when we get home and possibly blog


  1. Pulling for you - your story is tremendously inspiring to me

  2. I am soo happy for you You will do great today!!!! Love you girl!!! Praying for you : )

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  4. I just finished watching your first video and was so embarrassed because I am at work and it made me cry! I didn't want anyone to see me and think something was wrong. Your video is touching and beautiful.I hope today's implant goes as well as the first!
    Best of luck and let us know!



  5. WOW Sarah.. I have just learned of your video and your story. Honestly, 100% disclosure here..I cried like a baby immediately upon watching you hear for the first time. As I have never experienced that type of joy in my life and I can not imagine my life without hearing.

    I do hope your other implant is as successful as the first, I am praying for you and I cant wait to read some of your other blog entries!!


  6. Hey Sarah,

    I just started to watch Kony 2012 and your clip in the opening of the movie compelled me to pause that video and do a youtube search to check out your posted video. I was moved to tears watching you react to hearing for the first time. I am 28 and couldn't imagine living my whole life in silence and in an instant being exposed to the wonderful gift of hearing. I saw that someone had put up a comment saying that it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. I couldn't have put in any better. I am so inspired by you and realize that we have so many precious blessings that we take for granted. Thank you for you courage with trying these implants and for leaving a lasting mark in my heart and the lives of not only myself but at least 10 million other youtubers. Never person really can start a chain reaction.

    Best Wishes,

    Bridgette in Va Beach :)

  7. Good luck Sarah, I saw your video when you first posted it and it brought tears to my eyes! So happy for you, and I think it's so cool that your video got put in the Kony Movement video! You are a brave and beautiful woman who has opened my eyes up to the beauty of something as simple as hearing!

  8. Good luck, Sarah! (Though it has already been completed?) Your video was so incredibly genuine and inspirational.
    Stay awesome. :)

  9. how is activation day on march 8, 2012, when i saw your activation in the KONY video which was uploaded on march 5, 2012. is there a wrinkle in the space-time continuum?

  10. Hey Sarah, just saw your vid cause of Kony 2012 (Iam not completely sure, what I should think of this project since I read this btw: . But anyway, your story is really moving! I just read you got stereo today, iam excited about the next video and your first impressions!

    Best wishes from germany!


    PS: pls excuse the grammar and orthography, iam german and its early in the morning! :D

  11. That is very, very exciting! Good luck to you! I hope it goes well, and try not to be so nervous! I'm sure it will be just as well as the last time! (Or just as overwhelming- similar at least!)

    Can't wait to hear your update and hope you're doing beautifully!

  12. Hallo Serah, I'm really happy for you, that you can hear clearly now.

    Please, can you answer me some questions, I was interested in for years?

    Did you create some kind of music in your mind before you received the implants?

    And if so, how was the diffrence between that sound in your mind and the actually music?

    How music made you feel, when you heard it for first time with your "new ears"?

    I would really be happy, if you could give me some answers on these questions!

    Thank you and all the best for the future!


  13. Ridiculously happy for you and am amazed at what is available technologically speaking! What a blessing! To say I'm elated for you is a massive understatement. Congratulations on your new life!