Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The thankfulness goes on...

Ok, I missed posting her a few days. I'll catch up now:

Nov. 3rd I stated that I was thankful for the ability to be a SAHM to my girls. Growing up I was always the minority because my Mom didn't work. I'm noticing that it's becoming more and more 'normal' for there to be SAHM and for that I'm grateful. I so enjoy watching these girls grow and learn on a daily basis and getting to share in their joy as they experience the world around them is priceless.

Nov. 4th I gave a shout out and a thanks to my grooming clients whom I'm thankful for. I used to groom at vet's offices and boarding facilities before the girls were born. Once Elise came along, I quit and came home. I started out grooming friends and families pets, and since then it has grown to a nice little clientele for me. These folks are the ones who trust me with their furry babies and fund my thrift store habit :)

Nov. 5th I posted that I was so thankful to be married to a man who accepts that I'm part 'Ellie May Clampett'. I never have to worry about sleeping on the couch because I brought home some little critter. The irony to the story was that Sloan was literally outside building a rabbit hutch for a pair of Netherland Dwarfs we are getting once we return the demon bunny we got suckered in to buying a couple weeks ago. LOL! I've always had a huge love for animals and I've always had lots of pets. Sloan accepts it, just smiles, groans, and shakes his head. I love him for that.

Nov. 6th I gave thanks for the North Texas School of Swedish Massage! Sloan gets me certificates to that place and I used one on this day. There's just not much else better than relaxing for an hour while getting a rub down!

Nov. 7th, today. Today I express my thanks for my little 'China Doll', Olivia Li. I remember like it was yesterday, finding out I was pregnant after our first try. We lived in China at the time and I was so nervous! I returned home to the states nearly 5 1/2 months pregnant, and I can honestly say that I've probably not ever prayed as much as I did during those months with no prenatal care. Olivia was born at 9:05am on a Wednesday morning, and it was then that I learned I could fall in love all over again and make room in my heart for another. I strive to do better each day than the day before because of her. She has taught me so much in her 5 years, and I'm blessed to be her Mom. I'm so proud of her and the young girl she is becoming <3

So those are the days I missed. Maybe I'll actually get on track and blog each day, but I'm not making any promises :) Things are hectic around here as I prepare for a birthday tea party on Saturday. I hope everyone has a nice night, we are off to Red Lobster. The birthday girl says she wants 'lobster from Red Lobster'. LOL!



  1. Hello I am 34 years old deaf and also received the implant. I watched your video and knew exactly what you felt at that moment. I am now a pastor working in the deaf community spreading the good word locally and abroad. I am so thankful to be able to hear yet it has not changed who I am or taken me from my roots. Bless you and your family as you embrace this change in your life.

  2. HI Sarah-
    I came across your video on you-tube, while researching my type of hearing loss. I do have some hearing, but it seems to be getting worse each year. This implant almost sounds too good to be true. I'm wondering if you've had any complications with yours. Are there any negatives? If so, what are they? I'm hoping this is the answer to help improve my hearing. I've tried hearing aids, but don't like them as they amplify everything, background noise included, making it harder to hear people talking. I'd love to get some feedback from you. My email is

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I have to say your story/video is very inspiring to me as I am currently finishing medical school with hopes to change lives as yours had been changed.

    I am the editor of and would love to ask you a few questions about your medical experience and highlight your book on our site.

    We are always looking for stories of people that inspire medical students to be innovative and creative with their careers and you fit the bill perfectly.

    If you like this idea just drop me a line at and we can work something out.

  4. Hi, Sarah!! Nice post!! Can you help me, sis? I'm a new blogger and I not so good in English.. Hope you can follow me.. ^_^