Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day is an important day. I'm reminded that we are to honor our Mothers because it's God's word................but I also honor my Mothers because I love them. Love above all else is worth more than any material possession we have here on Earth. If only we could all realize that our status in the job world, what car we drive, what house we live in, and the amount in our bank accounts pales comparison to having love. Like someone said earlier today, birthing a child is the easy's raising them in this dark world that the hard part begins. I hope that when I'm on my death bed many years from now and gazing in to my daughter's faces, I can look back on their lives and see that we taught them to 'above all else' love. I hope they realize that Sloan and I have worked so hard to teach them that love and being happy far surpasses anything else we can get/give in life. We have been on a journey for quite some time now that to the rest of the world seems crazy.......but I truly believe that because we have been obedient and followed our hearts, we are being rewarded. Blessings to ALL the Mothers out there, ones who have birthed children, ones who have raised children, and ones who are examples and role models to children, and that covers us all ♥
^ The above statement was my recent Facebook status. That in turn reminded me that it has been far too long since I've blogged! So many 'little things' have gone on and I'm so far behind I can't remember all I'd like to blog about. I went earlier this week for my first adjustment appointment on my newest ear. Found out that I had a bit of scar tissue, so they weren't able to do my adjustment and instead did a minor surgery to remove the tissue. My ear is packed and healing and I will go back in 3 weeks or so to have the actual adjustment and make sure all is well. Other than that minor hiccup, my ears are still doing great :) I'm learning more and more to 'use them' well and still getting used to things.
Sloan had to work today, so he took his Mom and I to breakfast this morning. We parted ways and the girls and I went to church. After church we loaded in the car with Muz (what the girls call Sloan's Mom) and we went to visit Nannie (Sloan's Grandmother). She recently had a pacemaker put in and is now home doing well. Anyway, we stopped after visiting her to grab a bite to eat. We sat at the table at Subway getting ready to eat and I realized my most favorite song in the whole world came on......"Shooting Star" by Bad Company. (What can I say, I am an 80's kid) I distinctly remember listening to Bad Company's music as a kid. My Dad and his band buddies played them a lot, he had the record and eventually the cassette tape. Cassette tapes always had the song lyrics folded up in the cover..............I knew all of Bad Company's songs and attempted to sing them at the top of my lungs horribly off beat and out of tune with the actual music. Because of my hearing impairment, my parents often allowed me to blast music at an all time high so I could attempt to enjoy it and really feel the vibrations well. Anyway, I for some reason took to "Shooting Star" and it became my favorite. So back to Subway, we were sitting there and I told the girls "Ohhhhhhh! Mommy loved this song when she was a kid!" I sat at the table and sang along. Every single lyric. In rhythm to the was epic!!! The music wasn't even up that loud! I say all this to say that even now, months later, I still have those "WOW" moments where it hits me that I can now do things like that :)
In other news, long story English Bulldog 'Bruno' was stolen a couple of weeks ago.  I was heartbroken and so were the girls. Bruno is a high dollar champion dog that was given to us from a very kind person. However, he was returned to us 2 days later. We literally pulled in the driveway on Sunday night after going to put a down deposit on a new Boston Terrier puppy, and there he sat tied up to a saw horse in my yard with a note that said "Here's your dog back". (I'm all about replacing one heartache with another I have little girls who love dogs, so I just sucked it up, accepted that he was gone, and searched for another pup) Anyway, we pull up and there he sits. Sloan looked at me and said "Well, you probably ought to call that lady and let her know you'll be coming by for your deposit because you no longer need that new puppy now that Bruno is back." Um. No. We now have Bruno and "Dotti" the teeny tiny Boston Terrier pup. She's a doll and the kids and I love her. Sloan too......he even admitted it the other day.

In 3 weeks we'll be heading down to New Braunfels for our yearly river floating trip!!!! I am beyond excited for this year's trip!!!!!! Why you ask??? Because I can float and HEAR EVERYTHING!!!! I absolutely LOVE the water. I grew up in a pool/lake/river/puddle and I am most content when water is involved. I have always not been able to enjoy it to the fullest because I've had to take my hearing aids out and not be able to interact with folks. Floating the river is always fun for the first hour or so, then I start getting angry because I'm missing out on what everyone is laughing about or talking about. It's hard to read lips when you're floating all over the place and turning about. I end up being grumpy and make it un-enjoyable for Sloan because of it. This year I'm plain giddy to go!!! Can't wait.

Well, I realize my thoughts are all over the place and I'm sorry. Gonna end it here, I've got nervous energy to kill. I've started making bows again and I've got all my stuff spread out and it's calling my name.

One last thing.......Mr. McCain, if you're reading this, THANKS! Your gift has been an amazing blessing ;)


  1. Check out a song by coldplay called fix you, amazing song but i bet it will have a special meaning for you. ;)

  2. i found your video on youtube tonight and was really touched by it! came over to see your blog, and was so happy to see that you love Jesus, too! :) i'd love it if you came and visited my blog too. blessings, lora

  3. Sarah ,i watch your You tube video, few weeks ago ,i'm a 61 years old man ,and i cry ,listen never stop dreaming ,is the only way to survive,enjoy your family ,


  4. recently came across the 2 videos of you having your implants turned on and it was really touching. watching someone experience something as wonderful as sound for the first time in your life was really moving. i read your blog and was wondering when you go on your rafting trip are you able to swim in the water get out and you can still hear? wondering if water effects the implants at all? i wish you and your family the best :)

  5. I've seen your videos on youtube and was really curious to one thing (I hope I don't come off as too naive) but how did you learn English? Is that part of reading lips, you learn to understand what they will sound like?