Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Seller & Mover and Shaker!!!

Sarah and I just wanted to shoot out another e-mail saying THANK YOU to all who participated in yesterday's best seller launch on Amazon. By 8pm last night, 'Powered On' earned the best seller title! Sarah's book started out the day ranked #381,773 out of all books on Amazon. She went all the way to spot #361! She got 'best selling biography/memoir' coming in at #64 out of the top 100 best sellers, and eventually earned #1 'mover and shaker' on Amazon books. We are so excited, but more importantly, so grateful for everyone who helped make this happen. We hope everyone who ordered books will enjoy them and return to Amazon to leave a review.

Indigo River Publishing is a great group of folks to work with, and we greatly appreciate them and their heart. We are excited to see where things go from here, and we are prepared for whatever else God has for us.

Sarah has a radio interview this Tuesday with a station out of Philadelphia that has 3 million listeners, as well as a book signing in Marshall/Jefferson, Texas this weekend at Books and Java. She has news interviews, radio interviews, and paper interviews lined up for Shreveport for this event. March has several things lined up at churches, health fairs, meet the author nights, etc. Your further prayers are greatly appreciated. 

Sloan & Sarah


  1. All sounds awesome. Hope it continues to go well x

  2. Someone sent me link to your youtube clip of them turning on your implant. My wife was born with 85% hearing loss and speaks very well, like you do. She, as I imagine you are, is and excellent lip reader as well. She has worn regular aids and looked at implants a few years ago but didn't go through with it, mainly after talking with people about how music is translated by the implant. Just wondering what your hearing loss was compared to hers and if you wore conventional aids prior to that.

    Thanks. Doug Belew, Atlanta, GA dbelew at yahoo dot com

  3. That's so awesome! Congrats congrats congrats!

  4. My girlfriend showed me your video on youtube months ago. It is absolutely beautiful to see someone experience something so ground breaking and it is really moving. Some times when I have rough times I actually think back to that video and it gives me hope in a strange way. Hopefully all is going well in your life! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  5. Hi! I have created a website for deaf and hard of hearing young people as there was a gap in the market in Britain. It is called I was wondering if there was any chance that I could interview you by email for this website? Follow me on twitter @talkinghandsorg and we can DM about this!