Friday, March 15, 2013

Some have suggested that my Facebook posts are worthy of my I'll give it a go! Today is Friday! It's a beautiful day here in North Texas :)

Ellie May Clampett post #296: I should be cleaning my house and getting ready for 'Girls Game Night'......but my new Kitchen Aid mixer was screaming to be sent out on its maiden what's a girl to do? Bake up a batch of organic dog biscuits of course!

I'm sure my dogs are thrilled......but I really should bake something for all my friends coming over tonight ;) Im off to do that!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Just quickly, I think I speak for a great many people when I say that we would love for you to do an 'Ask Me Anything' on reddit. While you are likely to find many mundane AMAs on there, many celebrities do them, and even Barack has done one. Please consider it!

    1. Ok.....I think I did it? Here's the link: