Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feelin' decent :)

Well, it's now Tuesday I'm told. 4 days post surgery. Overall, the experience this time has been much better than last time. Partially because I knew what to expect, and partially because what I expected didn't happen in a lot of ways. LOL. Surgery did not take near as long this time, thank God! I was only under for 5 hours versus over 9. Dr. Berryhill worked his magic and had me done in good time with no complications. He told Sloan everything went well and that it was a 'pleasure to be able to work on me'. I assured him the pleasure was all mine :) Dr. Berryhill is an awesome man, and a fine doctor. I have really enjoyed him every time I've dealt with him. He has a sweet spirit and is very easy going. Once I woke up from surgery, I immediately knew I felt much better than last time. I told the anesthesiologist that I could 'kiss him on the lips' for giving me such a good combo of whatever he gave me. Lol. I believe I also told Dr. Berryhill that I could kiss him as well. The very last thing I remember before going under is looking at the clock in the surgery room while on the table..........it said 6:48 and I silently prayed "God, please let me be done by noon". Guess what? Noon on the dot! I did not have any 'visitors' this time that I was aware of or rememeber, but I'm sure they were there. I was so sad that I didn't get to see Ross or Jesus, but I know they were watching over me nonetheless.

Anyway, the channel 11 news crew followed us down to Houston, complete with a dash camera that Sloan made them take out at our first gas stop. Ha. They also had a camera on their car filming our car going down the road. You really have to wonder what the point of that is? For an artsy 'in action shot'? I've learned that camera men can really be 'gadget whores'. They like all the little trinkets and technical toys :) Anyway, Jason and Sal were very nice and I enjoyed spending time with them as well. They joined us for my pre-op appointment and filmed that. They sat down and asked questions and go to know as much as they could about Envoy Medical and the Esteem Implant. I am very curious to see how they'll make the story and how they'll incorporate all the film they got. They ended their trip with filming me going into surgery (which I have no recollection of.......hope I was smiling or something. Lol)

For the first several hours after getting back to my hotel room I assured Sloan I was 'dying' and did my fair share of crying. At one point I think I even cried for my "Mommy", then it turned into crying for my "babies". Sloan's a tough guy you know it? If the shoe had been on the other foot, I'd have been searching the hotel for some baby girls to steal and bring them to the room to calm me down. LOL. Once I got my pain under control (aka, got hooted on pain meds) I was very pleasant and comfortable. Sloan is a great nurse when he needs to be. I mumble 'chocolate' and he raids the gas station for candy bars and brings back 10 different kinds. I say 'dorito' and he loads me up, takes me downstairs amid stares from strangers and lets me pick out chips in the lobby. In fact, since getting home, he's been quite lovely as well. Yesterday was really bad, I felt horrible. That whole '3rd day after surgery is the worst' was true in my case. After staying in bed all day, last night he loaded me up and took me to Barnes and Noble because my Nook wasn't working. We got help and I was ready to leave but he thought I should "walk around a bit" because it'd "be good for me". Once he looked up from his magazine and saw me passed out on the table, he asked if I'd like something sweet to eat. I told him "Yes. But from 7-11. I want a Slurpee." He loaded me back up and drove me to 7-11 before we got home. He's a good man I tell ya. Even brought me home a gun the other day as a 'get well present'. I'm pretty sure that's the start of a redneck joke somewhere. Today I have felt much better. I actually slept last night which I haven't been doing much of. Lari and the girls took me to lunch. When she brought me back I told her I now knows what it feels like to be really old.............You have one activity a day that you look forward to, and you're worn out after it. I napped te re-coup and am fixing to scrounge some dinner.

Basically, I'd just like to thank everyone for the well wishes, prayers, messages, food, etc. I had a short phone interview today, and I have a radio interview at a studio in Dallas Friday afternoon. Not sure when the channel 11 thing will air, but I'll keep everyone posted. Hope you all have a nice night.

Much love,


  1. I'm happy for you about these good news.
    Hope you feel well.
    (I'm writting whichout translate this message). :-)
    The MOMENT is comming. Nearly you will listen with two hearts. I wish you luck¡

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  3. I'm glad things are going well. Wishing you a speedy,successful recovery.

  4. I wish you to be a perfect lovely sound in our ears.
    dimitris from Athens Greece.

  5. Sarah, Saw your video and was really moved by your emotion on hearing yourself for the first time. I have a daughter that has severe to profound hearing since the age of 2. she is now 19. We are looking at the Esteem for her. I was wondering if we could talk to you about your experience with the implant. We are trying to find out if this will be a good idea for her. if you are interested, please email me at robertgepfert@sbcglobal.net. We live in Allen Tx which is not far from Burleson, TX

  6. I just watched your YouTube video with the first implant and then the Elen show. Wow, what an inspiration! It's such a great story of family in so many ways. It reminds me of when Jesus healed the blind man and his disciples asked him who had sinned to cause his blindness, the man or his parents.
    "Neither," said Jesus, "he was born blind so that the works of God might be displayed in him."
    Thank you for letting the rest of the world witness your emotion!