Friday, February 10, 2012

New York, round 3 with Anderson Cooper!

Ok, so New York was great :) We had a great flight there and Tuesday we just spent the day walking all around taking in the sights and eating everything I could get my hands on. Lol. Tuesday night we went and saw "Stomp". It was really good! I just sat and took it all in, the sounds of the people stomping, beating on tubs, etc. It was a great experience. Wednesday morning the producer took us over... to the set of "Anderson Cooper" where I was sent directly to 'hair and makeup'. I tell ya.....there is just nothing better than sitting down and having a team of people do ya up! Makes you feel so good. Lol. I was SO nervous thinking about what to say, how to say it, meeting Anderson and Ami, etc. They went over the questions with me, asked me all about the Esteem, all about my experience on NY Ink, etc. When it was time to go on, they placed me in a 'special audience spot' and the cameras rolled. Anderson was a very nice man, I spoke with him briefly before we taped and a briefly after we taped. He's even prettier in real life ;) Perfect hair, perfect skin, and those piercing blue eyes (much like Ellen's eyes!). Hearing him and Ami talk about my experience was cool.

Before I left, I was asked several things by many of you ladies. Here are the top 3 questions I was asked to find out:

1. Is Anderson short? Not really....but he's not tall at all. Who needs to be tall though when you're that handsome :)

2. Did Anderson smell good? I didn't smell any cologne....but who needs cologne when you're Anderson Cooper ;)

3. Can you tell him I think he's gorgeous? I have to admit ladies, I failed you all there....I was too nervous and forgot to let him know. Lol. I did however at one point make a joke about his'll have to watch the show, it was hysterical complete with Anderson falling on the ground in mock horror. Ha.

After we were done taping that segment, Ami came up to me and was like "Hey Babe, how are ya?" I have to admit......I giggled. LOL. He smelled wonderful and was very sweet. He had me show him my tattoo so he could see it 'healed' and we chatted a lil more before I was swept away back to the dressing room. Basically, all in all, it was a good experience and I enjoyed meeting all the people on the set, etc. They will let me know soon when the episode will air and I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for praying for a good trip!

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  1. Sarah.... I have watched your video multiple times I just recently realized you had the Esteem implant and not the Cochlear implant. I have started looking into having the surgery. I go to a seminar next month. I am 34 and have profound hearing loss. I feel like my kids and husband have been cheated out of a good wife and mother since I can not fully interact in every aspect of their life. I desperately would love to ask you a few question about your hearing before and after the implant that only you could answer. I could ask the doctors but they truly don't understand without having gone through it themselves. If you could find time my e-mail is