Friday, February 10, 2012

Random question....

Does anyone have a way to get a discount on an Ipad or laptop? I'm in need of one and they are SO expensive! I didn't own a computer until I was 24 years old, and that was because a family member gave us one when we moved to China to keep in touch with family. That laptop was a refurb and it is now dead. Lol. I have some money saved up, but want to buy the best thing I can. I realize this is a stab in the dark, but hey, God does amazing things :) Everyone have a great weekend <3


  1. Ipads are a waste of money, more just an expensive toy. Best to check craigslist for second hand computers. Find one that has a clean install of windows , usually can find them for under $100....

  2. If you know a teacher or a student, they automatically get a discount for a laptop (I'm not sure about iPads). Get them to buy you one and pay them back.

  3. I would agree with faraz, iPads are nice, but not as your sole computer... they actually need a computer (with iTunes installed) in order to sync music/files and receive updates. save the iPad for a fun 'toy', but if this is your only 'computer' go with a true computer/laptop.
    craigslist may work out, or else there are some laptops that go for cheap at online sale sites. my in-laws recently bought a nice little Lenovo at BestBuy for less than $400.

  4. While an iPad isn't a full-featured PC, for what you do, Sarah, it's more than adequate and would be a useful tool. I'd recommend a keyboard dock too. And yeah, they're insanely expensive. Are you open to an Android tablet as opposed to iPad? MUCH cheaper, more features and no Flash limitation like the iPad.

  5. If you are still in need of a laptop, let me know. I'd be happy to send you and your family one, no strings attached. KARMA!

    email me at rmcc4444 at gmail dot com

  6. Mr. R,

    (Wanted to keep your name private in case you preferred that) Thank you so much for your generous offer. Posting here so that you know the e-mail I sent you is in fact from me :) As I spoke of in my message to you, I will indeed 'pay it forward' when the opportunity arises and I'm able to.