Friday, February 3, 2012

Twas' a great Friday!

Spent the day and evening getting ready for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday party tomorrow! Whew, I'm tired. Cleaned house, got the guest bedroom ready for family coming in, cooked tons of food, and even managed to bake a 3 tiered cake :) I cannot believe that Ms. Elise An will be 2 years old :( I still remember the morning she was born in our living room. One of the best memories of my life for sure! She has enriched my life in so many ways. She was born 3 weeks after my FIL passed away suddenly, and she has done an excellent job of turning our sorrow into joy.

Today was an exciting day in many ways. It started off by me receiving a DVD from UFC fighter Matt Hamil in the mail. It's a copy of his movie called "The Hammer". Really great story! Another highlight of my day was finding out that we are indeed going to New York next week for the Anderson Cooper Show! The producer called and set our plane tickets up and got us taken care of. I'm so excited to be visiting NY again! I'll be on the show with Ami James and talking about tattoos and what mine means to me. Sloan and I decided to splurge, and we bought tickets to see "Stomp" on Broadway while in NY. VERY excited to go see that and actually hear and appreciate it! I'll be sure to blog about that :) And for the MOST exciting thing that happened today.........I got to hear a heart beat!!!!! Not just any heart beat, but the ones of my little girls. I sat on the kitchen floor with my ear up against Elise's chest and crying. She said "What's wrong Mommy? You okay?" I did not realize that you could hear a person's heartbeat without a stethoscope! Someone mentioned it to me and I excitedly made my girls and even my hubby pull their shirts up so I could listen. I was absolutely amazed and astounded! Sloan's heart beat is very slow, but Elise's is very fast. Olivia's is in the middle. Best thing I've heard so far for sure.

Well, it's late and I have a big day tomorrow. Pray that the weather holds up and we don't get any rain. I rented a bounce house for the kiddos :)




  1. Lovely, listening to heartbeat, the sound of life. Did it ever happen to you that you heard your own heart beat from inside? Happens sometimes when you are out of breath.
    And, yes, sound can make you cry. I never cry except from beautiful music. Try some examples on youtube:
    Here it's the pure beauty of the music (,
    and here it's the music underlining the story (

  2. There is a certain proverb that says that you don't know what you've got till its gone. Most people never lose their hearing until old age, if at all, so we never know what its like not to have it. You seem to be able to feel greater joy and a greater blessing in having all of these new experiences than anyone who was able to hear all of their life ever could. Maybe in that way you have something very special that most people in the world who could always hear don't!

  3. Hi Sarah

    My son has the safe hearing problem but in only one ear. He is only 8 and Esteem will not do the implant unless he is 18 years old. Im sure by that time there may be other things aroung as well, but I wanted to know how you feel about getting it done. Of course I have my concerns for him when he gets older and would love for him to be be able to hear from both ears, but this procedure is very expensive and they just mailed me a letter saying they are raising it to $33,000