Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bit of this, bit of that....

So after finding out about Google's year end review video, I've just been left speechless. Utterly speechless. Speechless, humbled, amazed, excited, grateful, and did I mention speechless?!? I cannot even begin to formulate into words what an honor that was to be included. To further top it off, having the directors at Google tell me they were honored to have seen the video and been given permission to use it. Little old me. Once again God uses 'little old me'. Kinda like when we were in a 'small' village in China of 700,000. Here I was on the other side of the world in China feeling like I was accomplishing nothing, when God spoke to my heart and said "Could you just be okay with the fact that I may have sent you to the other side of the world just to love on a few people?" "And could you be okay if you never even know who those few people are?" Well you know what? I AM okay with that. I am okay with all that He has laid out for me. Just when I think things are 'dying down', something else is laid before me. There are so many things swirling around in this head of mine currently, and a few possible exciting things in the future, and I just can't help but not get too excited about any of it because God keeps giving me curve balls every step of the way. I know it's to test our faith. To test that we fully trust in Him. Someone was talking the other day about mustard seeds. A while back I got a mustard seed necklace and have worn it and researched mustard seeds, read about them in scripture, etc. You know what? I'm kinda like a mustard seed! We all are! We all can be!

On a different note, my episode filmed with NY Ink will air December 29th! The premiere episode! A local place called Fat Daddy's has given us a private room to host a 'viewing party' in. We don't have cable, so I'm excited to get together with friends and loved ones and hang out and watch it.

On Monday a Japanese film crew is flying in to do an interview. I'm excited, as I have not spoken with anyone from Japan thus far. I've really enjoyed meeting all these different people from all over during this journey. It's neat to sit down and try to get to know someone in a few hours. To hear their stories, their life, etc.

OH! Almost forgot!!! I hit 9million sometime last night!!!! Got like 66,000 something views over night! I didn't anticipate hitting it that soon, so my '9 million video post' will be a bit delayed. We are talking with a production company about possibly shooting it for us. Hang tight, it's coming, I promise! The same said production company wants to do an interview next week as well. Next week is a busy week for me! Japanese people on Monday, then on Tuesday I have my adjustment appointment :) My LONG awaited adjustment appointment! I'm so excited and am anxious to see what all is improved or changed or heightened afterwards. Speaking of that, I set up my official surgery date for my next ear. January 13 is the day! I am of course nervous/anxious and excited. I'm not looking forward to the after effects of anesthesia. I'm hoping it won't be another 9 hour surgery like last time, but due to my 'funky ears', I'm afraid it will be. Please keep me in your prayers on that.

Tonight we spent time at a family Christmas party. I'm one of 'those people' who LOVE family parties :) I totally enjoying pigging out on random food, sitting on the floor Indian style like a little kid, listening to the 'adults' chatter, and then of course there's the long awaited 'Chinese Christmas' that we always play. I think it's the 'bargain hunter' in me that enjoys it so much. Lol. I fared well in China for the same reason! Did you know that you can literally barter for a bottle of water there?!? Seriously, anyone reading this, if you ever travel to China, NEVER pay the first amount quoted. You can ALWAYS barter :) It's like a sport for me, that whole 'thrill of the hunt' thing happens and I totally play the Eye of the Tiger lyrics in my head. Anyways, it's always nice to hang out with family. Even that one cousin that's kind of annoying ;) Just kidding, I don't really have any annoying cousins. (Now I got them all wondering if they are the 'annoying one')

Well guys and gals, I think that about wraps it up for tonight. I'm sorry to be so sporadic with posts. So many of you message me with your kind words and I greatly appreciate it. I would not be 'that girl with 9 million YouTube views' without all of you. Please know that I appreciate all the kind e-mails, messages, etc. that I get every day. I'd message all of you back if I had no life, no kids, no hubby, and didn't need to sleep or eat ;) Really though. You all rock!

Have a great weekend. Hug your loved ones. Help someone less fortunate out tomorrow. Bless someone random. Pay for someone's coffee. For real, shock someone tomorrow. You never know what kind of day people are having, help to show them that there is still love and kindness in the world.

<3 Sarah


  1. Sarah! You are truly an inspiring and amazing individual! Your video really helped put things in perspective, especially in terms of the "little" things we all take for granted. Thanks so much...keep marching on!

  2. Sarah, as a sign language interpreter, and being involved in the Deaf community, I know implants can be a dividing issue, but you don't deserve harsh comments for your choice, as some have given. You are bringing such glory to God through your experience; you are continuing your mission work right here in the States!! Doesn't He work in such amazing ways?!? In Him, there is no Jew, nor Greek, woman, nor man, DEAF NOR HEARING (ok, so I paraphrased and added a little to Galatians 3:28) I pray God continues to strengthen and bless you.

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  5. Sarah - God has used your "little" miracle to inspire people in a lot of ways. A couple of months ago, I started out our youth worship service with your vid and another one of a little toddler who had received an implant who grinned GIGANTICALLY at his mother's voice. I used those images to illustrate what tearful, joyful thing it will be to finally arrive in God's presence and have all of our fleshly limitations removed and murky cloud that dulls our senses blown away forever. Pretty neat :)

  6. Just saw the Google 2011 video and instantly got goosebumps when your clip showed up. I remember watching it for the first time and tearing up. Such a beautiful moment to share with the world. It made me realize how easily I take almost everything God has given me for granted. God bless you!

  7. I take it you don't want all the TV otherwise you'd have satelite (if cable is unavailable). I set NY Ink to tape, turns out the 29th is a marathon with many episodes leading up to the premier. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    Interesting about bartering, I hate to barter, I always worry I'm stealing something from them since if they could sell it for much cheaper they would (at least I would so I worry they would...) Of course in an environment where bartering is expected I'd be in big trouble, or broke fast.

    Good luck with Jan 13. I know surgery is rough but hopefully it'll go smoother this time since all involved know better what to expect. Not nearly as serious, but I'd had surgery on left arm and wrist, then a few months later the right wrist. By the second surgery I was still nervous but mostly about the drive home (my wife's aggressive driving while I was still recovering from anesthesia was not very fun for me), the surgery itself and post-op I mostly ignored since I already knew what to expect.

    You have such a great story, made all the better by the emotional evidence that can be shared again and again. Its great that its been (I'm not sure how long now) and you are still being kept very busy and the video is still getting played for the first time for so many people, starting the magic all over again for someone new. Happy Holidays to your family, and I hope you have a fantastic (and busy as you care for) 2012.

  8. Happy New Year Sarah! God bless you and your family!!!

  9. Hey Sarah,
    Just came across all this for the first time...pretty amazing. Was really encouraged by your sharing about God giving us curve balls and trusting in Him. Thought you might enjoy some of the songs on my album so I wanted to share it with you. Shoot me a line at and I would be happy to send you a link for an album download. You can hear samples on iTunes or my site as well. May God bless you as you continue your journey forward! -TRM