Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello Mate!

For the last 2 days we've been interviewing with an Australian crew from Sydney. It's been draining but a very nice visit. I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to their accents and actually being able to hold a conversation with them :) Early this morning a gentleman from the show flew in to do the interview portion for today's taping. He's been a very interesting man to visit with, and I've enjoyed him as well. They are all very nice and entertaining. We are going to dinner with them tonight for 'off camera' socialization. Sloan was telling them about good places to eat, and suggested Texas de Brazil and they asked us to join them. Yesterday we filmed things like me shopping at the store, playing with the kids, doing stuff at the barn, baking a cake, etc. I guess just to show our 'everyday life'? Today was strictly the one on one interview portion. It was nerve wracking as usual, but a lot of different questions were asked, so I appreciated that. 'Dr. Nameless' is deaf in one ear (after an accident some years ago) and it's been nice interviewing with someone who can relate to my descriptions and circumstances. Gives the interview some sort of comfort for me; having someone who can relate.

Sloan's birthday was on Thursday and we took him to dinner that night. He turned 32. I'm in my last year of my 20's, so 32 just seems so far away. Lol. We spent our little vacation at a timeshare called The Villages Resort. We had a nice time just hanging out. We did the cliche paddle boats and feeding of the ducks and the place also has an indoor water park, so we did take the kids there on Wednesday. Unfortunately the girls weren't old enough to do most of the big slides, etc. That was a disappointment, but Olivia enjoyed her self regardless. She LOVED the kid area with all the slides she could ride and all the rope climbing stuff and shooting water things. They also had a miniature 'lazy river'. She and Muz even went back for round 2 while Sloan and Elise napped and I spent some time reading and knitting. Thursday we got up and headed to Canton to shop and look around. That of course was fun as usual. I love Canton.

Well, that about sums it up for now. The next interview I have planned is with a Japanese crew on the 19th. I'm looking forward to it as well. It's really been nice to meet people from all over and spend time with them. I go for my adjustment on the 20th, and I'm marking the days off for that. Everyone have a nice weekend!

(EDIT: At the request of the film crew, names have been left out until after the air date. Sorry!)


  1. Hello, I seen your youtube video a while back of your hearing implant. It was absolutley amazing! I cried with you, I couldnt help it. I am a recording engineer and to know that someone that never got to experince sound not gets to listen to what its like to me seems amazing! I am SO glad you got to get that implant!

  2. Hi Sarah! I am late to finding out about you, but I was searching on Youtube for stories by deaf people and I found yours. How moving! I am in an Interpreter Training Program here in Texas, and I plan to be an ASL/English Interpreter. My question to you is, have you had any backlash from the deaf community regarding becoming hearing? Do you feel like you are still part of the deaf world, the hearing world, or both? I am curious, especially as more and more deaf people get CIs or implants such as the one you have. Thank you:)