Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google's Zeitgist 2011: Year In Review

I'm currently speechless. Will blog later tonight when my mind settles.



  1. Sarah,
    I saw Google's Zeitgist 2011 today and that's how i came to know about you.
    My eyes started watering and i saw your video 25 more times after that.

    No words can tell how real happy i feel for you.
    Keep rocking.
    My blessing.. :)

  2. Oh I am so happy for you!
    I started tearing up so much. Thanks for sharing this amazing video and I hope you have the best New Year, and 2012 anyone could ever imagine possible.
    God bless you and your family :)

  3. Hello Sarah, i just saw you featured on the Google Zeitgist video!
    Did some research and found out your blog!
    I really feel happy for you!
    I was also born on '82 and i just thought about how would it be for all those years hearing nothing!

    I wish all the best for you from now one!
    Enjoy the life, family, kids and take care!

    George(Hellas/Greece-now living in Sofia-Bulgaria)

  4. Dear Sarah.

    This is my Brazilian version of your video with Cold Play song and subtitles in portuguese! I hope you enjoy!

  5. I saw the Google Zeitgist video too! The few seconds you were featured stood out enough for me to pause the video to grab your username from the upper left and search for the full video on Google. Found it, watched it, now my face is leaking. Truly beautiful. So happy for you.


  6. I saw your video on youtube (haven't seen it before the zeltgeist video) and it was so moving my eyes watered. Good luck in life!

  7. Saw your picture on this and had to look your YouTube video up. BEAUTIFUL! Brought me to tears, like many others. :)

  8. Please watch the movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, directed by Peter Joseph to see the Zeitgeist Movement - started in 2008 - as it has grown today. This video created by Google is remarkable and your story, even more so... but Zeitgeist; meaning - the spirit of the times - was launched into the mainstream because of the global social movement for change. A volunteer organization with millions of participants, world-wide. I hope you watch Moving Forward as I feel that you'll enjoy the message that's carried along with it.
    Thanks and CHEERS!

  9. Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for sharing this important part of your life with the world. The way you describe what you ear and feel since your received your implant reminds me that we take beautiful things in this world for granted. My big brother had cochlear implant about 10 years ago when he was 22, he was hearing impaired since childhood. I remember that after the implant I was asking: do you hear this or that. He was telling me about wind, rain, when he rubbed his hand togheter, a the little stuff that we take for granted. Thanks for reminding me of that! I wish my brohter could read english, he would enjoy your blog for sure. I will tell him about it. Thanks again!

    Michel from Eastern Canada!