Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random minutia...

Well, I really feel as if nothing uber exciting has gone on lately. I don't think people care to read about my 'every day life', so I try to wait until I have something profound to say. Lol. Saturday I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for my family, and after getting food in the oven I quickly ran to shower and totally forgot not to get water in my ear! Couldn't do much about it since I didn't remember until after I was completely done showering. I'll be honest........I did consider blow drying my ear out, but decided against it. By Sunday I could hear just fine......I think the water dissolved the foam. Yikes. Yesterday I started the drops in my ear that were supposed to be used to dissolve the foam they packed in it after scar tissue removal. Drove to Blockbuster and tried the radio, and *drum roll please*.......it sounded good!!!!!! That was my biggest complaint thus far, that I couldn't listen to the radio like I wanted. I still need a bit of 'tweaking' because some music seems too high pitched or not clear, but I can listen to the softer stuff with no issue. So exciting. Also, when I yawn or move my mouth a certain way, I no longer have feedback. So thankful for that!

How many of you did 'Black Friday' shopping this year? This was my first year to go out at midnight Thursday night, and Lari and I hit up Macy's. It was fun, and honestly wasn't bad! I think we need to make it a tradition :)

Today we will be leaving to head to our timeshare to spend a few days. I'm excited because they have an indoor water park! I love water activities and am excited to be able to do something involving water and be able to hear! The girls are excited as well. Who doesn't love swimming in November?!? We are also planning to hit up Canton's First Monday on Thursday, another mega exciting point of the trip :) I love me some flea market style shopping!

Speaking of shopping, I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I sell Scentsy. It's a wick less candle product. Basically a pot that uses a bulb to melt good smelling wax. It's really a great thing. Anyways, this month has been crazy good with sales. I'm thankful for that. Let's me buy Christmas goodies and such that I normally wouldn't be able to. If anyone is interested, check out my site. You can have it shipped to your door :) It's www.scentsy.com/sarahchurman.

Well, I guess that's pretty much it for now. I promised Olivia I'd take her to Michael's or Hobby Lobby to get some canvases to paint for Christmas presents. That girl is really into painting, and I enjoy seeing her creations. I hope each of you has a great day and rest of your week. Won't be long until Christmas is here!

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  1. Sarah, of the soft music you are able to listen to, may I ask what band(s)/songs do you like/love? I wish you much blessings and refinement of that hearing transplant :)