Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Just found out a few minutes ago that my YouTube video has hit 8 MILLION VIEWS! Absolutely surreal. 8 million people have seen the video and are now aware of the Esteem Implant. The odds have to be good that an insurance CEO or whatnot has seen the video and been affected. Don't you think so?

Anyway, we are packing and preparing to leave in the morning. Flying to San Jose and will be doing a CBS forum Thursday morning. From there we fly to LA and do the Doctor's Show on Friday morning. We'll be back home late Friday night. Saturday is my 10 year high school reunion :) I think it's safe to say I'll have plenty of stuff to talk about in the event someone asks "What have you been up to lately?" Today was a trying day. Today I started out doing a Skype interview with a London reporter, followed by a almost 3 hour interview with the Mansfield News Mirror (article to be in next Wednesday's paper), then on to picking out clothing and to Target. By the time I got home my ear was having feedback and I was worn out. Had to actually back down a notch on my implant remote :( I think I'm discovering that talking a lot wears my ear out...............I'm sure Sloan is happy about that. LOL. By the way, I'd like to inform anyone reading this that is from my area, check out Aspirations in Mansfield!!! They have really cute clothes and jewelry! They, along with Ruffled Rebelles, blessed me with some cute items to wear the next couple of days. I'm continually amazed at the kindness of strangers and friends. I fully intend to 'pay it forward' in any way I can when the opportunity arises.

Well, just like that, I've lost my train of thought. Sorry folks :( I need some rest. I sure will miss my girls while I'm gone, and I sure am so grateful that my family and friends are willing to help us with the girls during all these crazy travel times. Thank you once again to all those in my corner. Blessings to each of you and good night!


  1. wow your story is amazing. It really shows how one should appreciate the small things in life such as hearing.. I have a question though, when you first went out, after receiving the implant, were you overwhelmed by the noise? or did it just fill your heart with happiness?
    amazing story!

  2. Hi Sarah!

    Just saw your video on YouTube, and it is so inspiring! I also hope insurance companies pick up on this, so many others can share in the amazing experiences you are having!

    Not sure if you answered this question already, but how excited are your girls now that they know you can hear them?! I would imagine that hearing their little voices and laughs is probably one of the most rewarding experiences so far! :) I'm so happy for you and your family, and wish you all the best!


  3. Hey my mom read about you in the Crowley newspaper and called me up. She's like isn't that the little Sarah you use to play with who lived across the street on Center lane ( we had the corner house)? Huuummm I think so mom. We are both just so happy for you and the kids are beautiful!

  4. Great story, video & blog. It's great to see you so bold about your faith & salvation. I've added this to my Christian Blogs folder of my Google reader. We are so happy for you!!

  5. BTW, was Sloane weeping behind the camera?

  6. I put your video on my blog because it's so real. You are so sincere and genuine which is, I'm sure, what people are looking for in such a hard, cynical world. Thanks for being so real and for sharing your amazing experience. God bless you!

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I think it's really deep touching and inspirng. My best wishes for you all. Faith and love.

  8. Your video are published in many national news websites. I can't imagine what the feeling when you first time hear something in your life.
    What was it like? What music do you like? :)

  9. Sorry, your answers to the questions I read after.

    Very interesting to know your feelings.


  10. Hallo Sarah
    Dein Video ist toll, ich habe auch 4 davon...meine Töchter tragen beide, beidseits ein Cochlea Implantat.
    Und dieses erste hören nach der OP ist wie eine Droge...berauschend schön zu sehen wie erfreut die Kinder sind,wenn sie wieder zu hören.
    Als liebe für dich...


  11. your awesome! love ya! take care :) best wishes from Malaysia

  12. And then the newspapers in Norway brought the news.

    Happy hearing:)

  13. Your video became a story on the website for one of the Norwegian newspapers: http://www.dagbladet.no/2011/10/25/nyheter/utenriks/teknologi/18769176/ (you can use google-translate if you want to read the text)

  14. Dear Sarah.
    My name is Fernando and I'm From Argentina. I write here just because i could not find any other way.
    I'm helping a great person (Eduardo - http://hadasoft.com.ar/HADA_INTRO/marcoQuien.htm) to give a public speech at the local TED convention ( http://www.tedxriodelaplata.org/ ) about completing the human experience.

    We wanted to use your youtube video to illustrate the idea and we would like to get your permission to do that.

    feel free to contact me to my email, or how you think it best.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Hi Sarah,

    Its so great that you can hear now! I just saw your story on the German Yahoo Magazine, from what I have read about you so far; you seem to be a really amazing sincere person. Its great knowing that people like you exsist in this somewhat crude populated world :-)

    Just the other day, my gf and I were talking about how strange it would be, to be blind or deaf - the intense conversation made both of us teary-eyed thinking that we could never see and/or hear each other again (or even worse, in the first place), not to mention, everything in the world we would not know about.

    Conversations like that are important to me because they help me to not take the smallest things in the world for granted, like eyes and ears.

    I used to listen to really loud metal music in my younger years until one day when the ringing would just not stop, I thought for sure it would never go away, but it finally did after some days passed and a paranoid doctor visit. I then realized that hearing is definitly an awesome gift and the less abused the better, it wont be long before I am old and have problems with that anyhow :-)

    Your video was so Greatly moving!! Thanks for sharing that with the world. Take care and have fun enjoying music (and your childrens laughter :-) Nick from Germany - ps, here is your link along with my facebook link.



  16. Hello Sarah,

    Firstly thank you for sharing this video with everyone. It was really inspiring and I'm sure the other 8 million who watched it agree.

    A question has just occured to me though. What did it feel like to listen to music for the first time? Most of us grow up with it constantly around us, therefore it's very easy to take it for granted. Music shaped my life in numerous ways and I cannot imagine the feeling of listening to The Rolling Stones, or Jimi Hendrix, Or The Beatles for the first time.

    I hope you are enjoying the sounds you can now hear. What a fantastic piece of technology.



  17. Hi,

    Just read your amazing story in the UK Daily Telegraph. The video is absolutely inspirational.

    Thank you for sharing it with the world,