Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, tonight, we ended up venturing out to the Mansfield Music Festival. My Mom was going to babysit so we could go to a Halloween party, but she's been busy with my Grandfather who has been in the hospital. So, we decided the festival would be a kid friendly activity. We got there and right away, as we walked closer to the festivities, I could hear the music and the people. I got so tickled because I could make out the words to the songs being sung without asking what they were singing. Lol. We walked around and let the girls do some kid stuff and play in the bounce houses, then we got food and sat down. The hustle and bustle of people was a tad much, but I just listened and took it all in. Lari ended up calling while we were there and offered to watch the girls so Sloan and I could go to the MOVIES!!!! I haven't been since getting my ear activated, so I was thrilled. Several days ago when my whole 'adventure' started, I received a message in my YouTube box from a guy that said he worked at a movie theater and had recently given a closed captioning device to a man whose wife had had an implant put in but it wasn't activated yet. As I read his e-mail, I hollered for Sloan because it sounded like the guy was from our local theater that we go to. LOL. I messaged him back and sure enough, it was the same theater, and Sloan was the man he was talking about! Sloan is always the one that waits for the manager to bring us the closed captioning device while I go in and get our seats, so they never see me, just Sloan. So that's why the guy didn't recognize me on my YouTube video. (Everyone together now.....'It's a small world after all') Anyway, I messaged him back right away and explained that the 'man' he referred to was my hubby :) We were both blown away at the connection and he blessed us by offering free tickets the next time we come we used them tonight!!!! I got to meet the guy, and thanked him. I went ahead and got the closed captioning thing again........just in case my ear/brain couldn't handle the noise and I needed back up. It was FANTASTIC! Very loud, and I felt like I was right there with the actors in the movie. We went and saw 'The Thing'. Out of habit, I did peek at the captioning a few times. On any other day I probably wouldn't have thought the movie was great, but because I experienced it in a way I never have before, it was swell. Ha. I kept leaning over to Sloan and saying things like "I hear the wind blowing" and "I can hear their footsteps in the snow". He just laughed and looked at me and would say "That's amazing". And you know what? It IS amazing.

I keep seeing the whole 'science vs. God' debate on YouTube. I respect those who don't believe what I believe, but let me just say............God bless scientists ;) Bless all those who have worked so hard and dedicated their blood, sweat, and tears to such things like the Esteem Implant. God AND science rock as far as I'm concerned. The two can coincide quite nicely and I'm very thankful. I'm heading to bed still thinking about how cool it was to enjoy the movies........but my heart is heavy thinking of those who cannot enjoy the movie like I got to tonight. I just continue standing and believing that something is being worked out. Something will change. Insurance will pick up on this. And when that too will be amazing!


  1. I won't write a long note, because I'm sure you're busy, but just wanted to thank you for your story. I know you have no control over it, but I am encouraged & am so glad you've shared it w/ the world. Your blog oozes w/ joy & evidence of God's work & love in your life. Thank you again..

  2. Love reading your stories about all these new things your discovering! And now that the Rangers are in the World Series again, you and Sloan need to make a trip to the ball park! Listen for the crack of the bat, the ump yelling strike (sometimes you can hear him from the outfield when they really get into it) and the vendors yelling "HotDogs!, Cold Beer Here! or Peanuts!" And the roar of the crowd is just amazing. Love it ever time I go.
    And I totally agree with you on science and God, He gave us the brains to think and make these new discoveries.

  3. Whats worth the price is worth the fight. God bless you chick.

  4. Dear Sarah, I learned about your page through a colleague's page (we are both Episcopal priests). She was amazed at your YouTube video, and I have a cochlear implant as well. I have to say- I'm impressed and encouraged by your positivity. My own turning-on and adjustment was very difficult, and confusing for MONTHS! It is so interesting how two people can have such different experiences with such similar technology.

    Anyway, I wish you many blessings, and I will look forward to continuing to read your blog on your experiences!

    Peace, Betsy

  5. Oh, by the way... the science versus God thing- at my parish, I'm the clergy liaison to the Adult Ed committee, and have organized a series of talks by PhDs in our community. Yesterday, we had "The Synergy of Science and Religion" with a developmental geneticist. He said, among other great quotes, that "Faith must never dictate the outcome of research", and "the thing I love about [my faith] is that I get to have a sense of mystery."

    Science has made it possible for me to live my life as I do today, and I look forward to what the research will do in years to come. I do give thanks for that.

  6. I just watched your clip from the Ellen show! What a blessing. Your video has touched me in so many ways. You are truly an amazing woman!

  7. The thing with God vs Science is those who do not believe we should use science are all hypocrites!

    If they have even one thing other than a stone on a stick then their view that you were born deaf and should not be able to hear because you are being punished are pure morons. Sorry Sara but that's how I believe as I've even had people tell me the same thing for beating cancer with science and not struggling through brain surgery after effects!

    God gave us all a brain to use! How we use that gift from God is our gift to him!

    The sad thing is you missed one of the most wonderful sounds in the world. Your babies crying, smiling (Yes you can hear a smile!) them goggling and learning to talk! Now you will and there is a old joke about teaching your children to talk! We spent 2 years teaching them to talk and the next 20 trying to get them to stop talking! But I would not give that up for anything!

    Enjy all the sounds you have missed in your life! Lighting can be scary the first time you heard it but listen to how it can change from one strike to another! OR how you see a bolt of lightning but never hear any thunder! Or the kind of thunder that seems to roll through the clouds for as long as a minute!

    And I hope you go to a real concert listening to orchestra music and how stringed instruments can bring out so many feelings in the body!

    Come and visit me on my blogspot about my fun time battling cancer!Please start at 2010 as that is where chapter one is. and read all 23 or 4 of cancer and the rest is just me reambing along. The on I just posted I have never gone there but depression set in and I put finger to key and posted it. Thats the first post you see but just go way past that and leave it for last.

    Sara,I'm so happy that science helped you and that you never let science not help as God only helps us when we really need his help but he gave us all something to use and when we use it properly he's happy for us!

    George" RolloverRiderPGR" Purdy

  8. I think it's great that you are happy. I have a question maybe you can explain. I know you can lip read, so you understand English that way an through writing but having NEVER hear it, when the woman first spoke to you how did you know what she was saying? I ask because you would have no knowledge of what the shapes in the mouth would sound like.

    Have you needed to lip read at the same time to build up an understanding. Did it now sound like what a foreign language sounds to the rest of us. Noises but no ideawhat they're saying.

    Just wondering as it's very exciting for you and i would like to know how it works.

  9. Wow! What a small world!! Speaking of Mansfield, I lived in Midlothian for 8 years, and my husband was raised there! We live in the Houston area now, though. I agree with you on the science & God thing. They can totally coincide!