Monday, October 17, 2011

Not much...

Wow, more rain!!! It's so relaxing to hear it. We have the screen up on the front door, so I'm enjoying the sound and the smell :)Sat down at the computer to check e-mails, write down itineraries, and glance at Facebook. Just about came unglued when some thunder hit. Seriously, my heart is still pounding. I could not imagine being in bed with my ear on and sleeping and having that hit!

We up to the hospital tonight to visit my Grandpa. He's been there for a week now with heart troubles. My Grandparents have become very soft speakers in their older age. Sloan has always jokingly gotten frustrated because they speak so quietly and I always had to make them repeat themselves, or ask others what they said. Visited with them at the hospital and got mostly every word either of them said! I only had to have a couple of things repeated! Anyway, they did a scope this morning and found out that Grandpa doesn't have any blockages or other issues. He has to have a valve replacement on Wednesday morning. Just praying he goes through surgery well and bounces back. He's 78ish (can't remember how old exactly) and has never had any health issues. Doesn't take any medication, and is still very active. Works in his shop and yard daily. When my Mom took him to the hospital and they were asking medical history, they asked when the last time he was hospitalized and were shocked to hear that it was in '59 after a bad dragster wreck. Lol. My point to all this is, that he's been the picture of good health and I hope after this mess he returns to that. He was alert tonight and even asked Oli about her upcoming birthday :)

My oldest daughter, Olivia, will be 4 on November 7th. We are having her birthday party the weekend before that, and I'm doing a carnival theme. She loves Olivia the Pig, so it's "Olivia's Birthday Carnival". We're having carnival games, horse rides, face painting, etc. She's so excited, and to be honest, so am I :) Some of my fondest memories as a kid were from birthday parties, or family gatherings. Sloan and I have quite a bit of family, and it's always fun to get together. I enjoy hosting people.

Well, I don't have much to say tonight. Sorry to not having anything exciting to say. Hope you all have a nice night and a great week! I'll def blog from Cali later about the upcoming shows!


  1. Do you turn it off to go to sleep? no pun intended, but that's awesome you can do that :D I just saw your youtube video and thought I come check out your blog also. Very glad it's all working out for you :D Congratulation!

    Now I have request for you (that's right!!), please, listen to this:
    Beautiful piano music :D

  2. Praying for you Grandfather!
    Glad to hear he's normally in such good health though :)

    And soo cute 'Olivia's Birthday Carnival'.. and doesn't the theme song to that show get stuck in your head!?
    My kids are always singing it, so sweet :)

    Happy early birthday to the little one!