Saturday, October 29, 2011

Short but sweet...

I've had a few people message me and ask 'What's up?!?' because I haven't blogged in a while. LOL. Sorry guys, between traveling to New York, my Grandpa dying, and preparing my message for a church tomorrow, I'm busy and can't seem to find a good theme to blog about.

We returned home from NYC yesterday, and I have to say we enjoyed our time there again! New York is still loud and busy, but I like all the noises since I know I'm coming back home to my quiet place :) We traveled there to film for a reality tattoo show and we spent literally 12 hours there. The folks at the shop were incredibly nice and were great to spend the day with. Interviews are still so nerve wracking, and I'm just convinced it will stay that way. Lol. The main focus was me getting a tattoo and talking about my experience. I got a 'woman anew' tattoo on my ribcage. I'm keeping the details short and sweet because they asked that I not divulge too much info until the show airs, which will not be until late December/early January I believe. I'll def keep everyone posted on that date when I find out. Anyway, I met lots of really great people and got to have really good conversation. I'm sad that I can't mention names at this time, but I'm seriously grateful for the opportunity, and for the new friendships made. My tattoo turned out way better than I hoped for, and it ended up having great significant meaning and will mark a very important time in my life. I also was honored to have gotten the artist to tattoo a small red heart behind my ear as well. God has my EAR in His hEARt, and so much more.

I'm speaking at Bar Cross Ranch Cowboy Church tomorrow, so I really need to finish up my message for that. Sorry to make this short, but bear with me, I'll get back to posting regularly soon!


  1. I'm sorry Sarah.
    I'm a foreigner woman and I hope to improve my English wich the time.
    First of all I want to say that I'm happy for you of the team about your "new ear". I don't know you, but I've seen your video in youtube and I like that very much. Very very much, realy.
    Finally I want to give you encourages about the team of your granfather.

    Excuse my English.

    I wish you luck

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Please allow me to show you the prophecy of the Church of Philadelphia and TWO Raptures:

    Follow JESUS, DO what HE said and you will ESCAPE into Heaven in the First of TWO Raptures before Antichrist is revealed and the Apocalypse starts:

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  4. hey Sarah,

    i really like your vedio and i really appriciate those dr team who gave you this wounderful gift of hearing..use it very well god bless you girl and your family happy..

  5. Sarah,

    I'm a writer/interviewer and I would love to email back n forth about your life and testimony i read a tidbit shortly about you being saved? i'm hoping/assuming that's through Jesus :)

    let me know
    or tweet me at @rykunst