Friday, October 21, 2011

Bobby Langley

My Grandpa (Bobby Langley) passed away tonight while I was in the air trying to get home. I'm absolutely heart broken that I didn't make it in time. I feel like I let my Mom down by not being here for her. My Grandpa was a spectacular man. He lived a great life. If you Google him, you'll find all kinds of articles talking about his character, and what a kind, generous, honorable man he was. He was one of the pioneers in the drag racing world. My whole life my Grandpa was a humble man. He was kind, generous, loving, and full of adventure. He told stories and jokes. He made life fun for us grand kids when we came to stay with him and Grandma. My fondest memories are of a few things: Going to the drag races and meeting all his old buddies and hearing the 'new guys' talk about him being a legend and how much they admired him. Him letting me mow on his riding mower, because Mom and Dad didn't let me do such 'dangerous things'. Working with him out in his shop and him letting me use whatever tools and such to 'carve' on plaster with. Watching movies and having 'popcorn parties'. Oh the candy and conversation! And of course, us grand kids were always excited because Grandpa let us drive his car! His rule was pretty much that when your feet could touch the pedals, you could drive. I'll never forget our drives in the Lincoln. Last, but certainly not least...........Christmas. My Grandpa made Christmas special. He taught us the meaning of Christmas, and always had a very elaborate nativity scene, as well as more lights than you can imagine. Decorations galore! The house sparkled around Christmas time.

Most importantly, my Grandpa taught me life lessons. While working along side him or just hanging out, he always made a lesson out of things. Not only did he teach us things in stories, but we learned a lot from his actions. I remember when I was little, I asked why they saved all their cans and bagged them up. I learned that Grandpa would stop on the way to work every few days and give their cans to a homeless man on the side of the road. He was a giver. He took neighbor kids to the movies with us when we'd go. He gave material possesions, he blessed others, and he gave words of wisdom. He was so much fun.

Grandpa never had health issues, didn't take medications, and hadn't been in the hospital since a dragster wreck in '59. I think about that and I think 'Wow, he was so blessed'. He spent his last days at home doing one of the things he loved most........working in his yard. He always had projects going in the house and in the yard. He would not have wanted to grow old and feeble and not be able to do the things he loved. He was a man with an incredible work ethic and it would have drove him nuts to be young in mind, but old in body. I loved my Grandpa dearly. This is pretty much a bunch of ramblings.......but it's nice to be able to write.

Please keep my Grandma and my family in your thoughts. My Grandparents were honestly the most 'in love' couple I've ever known. They definitely were a model marriage and I for one looked up to them. I just cannot imagine Grandma without Grandpa, but I know God can keep His loving arms around her and give her peace like no other.


  1. Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss. Even though you weren't there, I'm sure he understood you were out trying to change the world. I will keep your entire family in my prayers.

  2. Sorry to hear that. God bless him. My wife's mother passed away two days ago after an extended illness. She tried to get to her father's house by driving for 3 hours and arrived at 11:00 AM. Her mother passed away at 10:30 AM. And it was on my wife's birthday, too. So, please don't feel bad for not being there. It's the thought that counts. That shows a lot of love.

  3. So sorry to hear, Sarah. It might be sad now, and for years to come, but remember that good will come from it. Your grandpa is not with his best friend and Maker, Jesus.
    You Nan has your grandpa and God's arms around her everyday. You'll all become stronger for this, and I hope you take it easy the next few days
    You'll all be in my prayers!
    God bless you, Sarah.

  4. Condolences to your extended family. I hope you won't feel too bad about not being there. I'm sure your grandfather was very proud of you and the message of hope and renewal you bring people. My mother past away about 20yrs ago after a lot bout with cancer. I was on a one-night stay at a hotel in Reno she and I had visited a few years before. I was young and needed a short break to escape the stress. I felt terrible when I returned home to an answering machine implying she had passed, but although that bothered me, I also remembered her encouragement for me to go and her liking that I was going where we'd been before. Your grandfather had a fascinating life and obviously brought interesting and meaningful times to those around him. He'll continue to make new memories for those that love him, in their hearts.

  5. Just stumbled upon this after seeing the you tube video on another site. It touched me deeply. I am so happy for you. So sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. Your description of him and your grandmother, is that of my father and mother. They have been married 64 years, raised three children and are very much in love. My father is now ill with a failing heart. He ALWAYS had projects going on as well, and was a perfectionist. You knew if dad fixed it or made it, it would last forever.
    Anyways, wanted to tell you that. God bless and I will definitely keep you and your family in prayer. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dear Sarah,

    I was so moved by the video of you being able to hear yourself for the first - my goodness, I can't imagine what that must be like…just amazing. My name is June Christie and I work for BBC Radio in London. We would LOVE to interview you about your experience - I'd be really grateful if you could contact me ( or my colleague Marco (

    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes to you.