Friday, October 7, 2011


Well, arrived home from NYC Monday night at 11, only to hurry up and pack to leave for L.A. the next morning! Before we left NYC, the producer from Ellen called and did a 'pre phone interview' with us. Asked us lots of questions, but at one point they asked if there was anyone I'd like to thank on the show? I told them my MIL Lari! Without her, this implant would not have been possible for me to get. Stepping out in faith, she cashed out her retirement so that I could get it done. I proceeded to tell them how awesome she was, and what a kind and generous woman she was. Apparently I really sold them on her, because while we were in the air, they called Lari and asked if she'd come to the show with us! Also, while in New York I was talking with my bestie Misty and she said she'd love to go to L.A. with us, did we mind? 'Course not! So needless to say, it ended up being a big group. We took our girls as well! Anyway, we all headed to the airport Tuesday morning and got on the plane with no problems. Halfway through the flight, Elise (my youngest) started throwing up. It was awful, but I assumed it was from altitude, or flying. I rushed her to the toilet on the plane and cleaned her up while Sloan cleaned the seat. Thank God it didn't smell and people were very understanding. We landed in LA where a driver picked us up and took all of us to our hotel near Universal Studios. I had exactly 45 minutes to shower and get ready before the driver picked us up to take us to Ellen's studio where we would film that day. We have friends that live in LA, so they were able to join us and go back stage while we got ready once we arrived at the studio. They were very nice and got us food to eat while we waited and went over the script and what would be discussed for the show. They did mine and Lari's hair and makeup, made us feel pretty. While walking to and from the green room, I spotted Angus Jones in another green room! (2 1/2 Men) Then found out that Kim Kardashian and her hubby were there as well. Anyway, after much sitting around and trying to remain calm, it was finally time to head to the side stage. There they prepped me one more time and touched up my hair and makeup, then sent me onstage. I was SO nervous. I was SO afraid I'd trip and fall onstage, or just start bawling once I saw Ellen. Sloan and Lari were in the audience, so I was going on alone. That only added to the anxiety. Once I stepped out and people started applauding, I tried to smile and relax. Made it over to Ellen, and she hugged me and smiled. We sat down and she started talking to me. I really don't remember what all we talked about, and I haven't yet gotten to see the show. Several friends have recorded it for me, so I'll see it soon. I just know that once she started talking about Envoy agreeing to do the other ear and that wasn't all they were doing, I lost it. Then she said the words "and they have given you a check to reimburse you for the other ear". I was so overcome with emotion, and was so thankful that Lari and Sloan were able to come up to the stage. I think none of us knew what to say or do. We were just completely blindsided by the generous blessing. I had sent out an e-mail to friends and family several days before asking that they pray that Lari somehow get reimbursed, and here God was answering my prayer! We all hugged and thanked Ellen over and over. As we left the stage, we passed Kim Kardashian and Kris. While I was saying to Sloan, "OMG, it's Kim!" She was saying to Kris "OMG, it's that girl from the video!". That was a humbling moment. They were getting ready to go out onstage, so all we got to do was say "Hi" to each other. We walked back to the green room with Lari saying "Oh my God!" repeatedly and me just grinning and crying. Took several hours til we calmed down. I left Ellen's studio with a copy of her new book, and let me just say, it's HILARIOUS! Everyone, go buy a copy! Seriously! That night we went to eat at a place at Universal Studios. Had a nice dinner for my birthday, and the restaurant was kind and gave us free dessert! While eating I had some people come up to me and recognize me. That's an odd feeling, and very flattering. We spent the rest of the night walking around Universal and taking in the sights. Misty and I shopped and got a few little things. We headed back to the hotel and crashed hard core pretty early. I was running on fumes from little sleep and all the anxiety. The next morning we headed to a cafe and had breakfast with everyone. While there we saw a guy from the TV show 'The Office'. Breakfast was great, and afterwards we opted to go walk around a mall so the girls didn't get stir crazy at the hotel. When it was time, a driver picked us up and took us to the airport to head home. We flew Virgin Airlines on the way back, and it was a first for all of us. Virgin is very nice, and has great planes. Very fancy. We loved it. Elise on the other hand...........her tummy was not happy! She was SO gassy and we would like to apologize to all those on the plane. Lol. We arrived home late and went to bed late. Not long after I got in bed, I was running to the restroom. Apparently Elise had given me cooties. They were not nice to me at all. Worst I've ever been sick. BUT, I was just grateful that I didn't get sick until we returned home. L.A. was fun, and we were glad to get to go. I was glad that Lari and the girls got to go and was so touched that Misty went with us. What kind of friend calls you up and says "Hey, I wanna go with you to L.A. to support you and experience this with you!" I'm surrounded by good people. Good, honest, kind, generous, genuine, and loving people. I'm blessed.


  1. Sarah,

    Wow, zero comments to a post from someone who's had six and a half million hits on Youtube?

    I'm not complaining. It just raises my chances of being noticed by you. I hope you will...

    I posted a comment to one of your articles a couple of blog entries ago about how I couldn't understand how someone like you could seemingly instantly (after turning on the device) comprehend speech.

    Can you explain how this is possible? I thought there would be a learning curve of several years involved for your brain to know how to interpret speech (or sound in general).

    Feeling touched by your experience. Amazing too, that one can get into direct contact with "that celebrity". Without the Internet I wouldn't know how to pull this off.

    Wishing you and your family all the best. Your story has truly been magical and touching.

    in Clearwater, FL

  2. Congrats!! That is awesome :)

  3. Your blog posts are awesome!! I feel like I'm reading an adventure novel.

  4. !!! Congratulations !!!

    Please post a link to a video of the show.

  5. Found it for you!

  6. you have an amazing story!!
    Congratulations and good luck in the future!!

  7. i just watched your meeting with ellen on youtube, all the way down here in Oztralia and what a wonderful thing your mother in law did for you and then in return ellen did you both of you.

    i can only imagine what it was for you to hear for the first time - a whole new world has just opened for you, enjoy every minute of it.


  8. What awesome karma! I am uplifted and inspired by your blog posts and I just can't believe there's only 7 comments here.

    Thanks for taking us along on your journey. I laughed when I read that Kim Kardashian recognized you from youtube!!! What a moment that had to have been. She should have asked for your autograph. :)

    So glad you can hear! And you are doing way better at adjusting to it than my own mother (who has only lost her hearing in the last couple years) trying to adjust to her hearing aids.

    Thanks for sharing your story!<3

  9. I was so happy to see your update here! Fabulous Husband and I were so pleased to see Ellen have you on her show and especially pleased to see a corporation actually not only give you your next hearing device at no charge, but to reimburse your mother-in-law as well. Kindness creates happiness, not just for those giving and receiving, but for the rest of us watching. What a blessing your experience is to the rest of us.

  10. Thank your for sharing this wonderful story. I hope you will note down and maybe share some more about how world feels like with sound, and what sounds do you like and what you think about music, etc.

    When you gained hearing in the video, it looks as though it was such a natural thing, like you'd been deaf for only a day.

  11. Thank you so much Sarah for showing your story to the world!
    You have humbled me to remember the gift of hearing that God so lovingly gave me.
    You are such a strong woman, who is now adored and admired by millions.
    Your interview on Ellen made me bawl. I can't imagine not hearing my kids, then being able to, then not having to worry about paying the implant off.
    All I can say is God bless you and your family. May your days be filled with his presence and love.


  12. Dear Sarah,
    I watched the video of you hearing sound for the first time a number of weeks ago and I was really moved. I was born with 95% of my hearing missing in one ear and 85% missing in the other. I am very blessed that I had most of my hearing restored through surgeries and tubes. Your story is so beautiful and heart warming. My wife was also very moved because you are the same age as she is and being a Speech Pathologist she was amazed by how well you communicated even though you had never heard your own voice. Your story is inspirational and I am very glad you are being able to share it with the world. On that note I wanted to see if you would be willing to take part of a project I am starting. I am a photography major at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH and I have a unique idea that I think you may find interesting. In a nutshell, I am documenting people who have been a part of incredible and history altering events. I am doing this through a portrait, not of the person, but of their shoes. Using an everyday object to represent a person and an event in a totally new way. I would really love to explain the project and vision in greater depth and then see if you would be game. If you are open to hearing more please email me at Thank you for your time and I hope this finds you and yours rejoicing at this new chapter in your life and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God bless,

    Keith-Alan DeFranca

  13. If only the human race would work towards solving world problems... instead of just being greedy and money all the time. If companies gave more donations and implants to people, everyone would be better off.

  14. My wife has lost 85% if her vision due to retinitis pigmintosa, a congenital diaease. Thanks for your story: It gives us a little hope.

  15. I was thinking, this morning, of asking you for an address to send a small check to reimburse your mother-in-law a bit for her cashing in her retirement. I cried again when I saw, later today, that Ellen beat me to the punch. You are such an inspiration! My wife is rapidly losing her vision due to something called Stargartz disease, and I hope some day to video her reaction if they ever find a cure. God Bless you!

  16. P.S. Not sure if you knew, but I heard about your story on the Rush Limbaugh show. He is so proud of you and Esteem for inspiring millions of us! He's got the video posted on his site and talked about it for a while on the radio show.

  17. Im just so happy for you, I've watched your video so many times now, the first time I saw it, I almost cried with it, you truly are an inspiration. Here is a scripture that I personally like, that gets me going through even the toughest moments "I can do everything through Him, who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13

  18. You've made such a change for so many people! My sweet daughter-in-law has been deaf since illness as a small child. She has been talking about an implant for some time now, hoping to hear her children. Your experience has given her hope. Thank you for being so public, speaking out for those who have no public voice, either.

  19. found your Ellen show interview.

    congrats again, such a simple gift can make ones life so much better :)


    probably a better link

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  22. wow so your deaf and you can't form proper sentences. Life must be very difficult for you.

  23. Hey Sarah!

    You don't know me, but I was intensely moved by your video on YouTube. There's something deeply profound about Christ's love in that short clip.

    In any case, I wrote my most recent blog post about your video! Check it out, if you like.

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