Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catch-up once again...

Well it's once again been far too long since I've blogged. We've just been so busy! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week by staying the week in Jefferson, Texas at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast (Alley-McKay House). It was nice to get away and just hang out with each other for days. We didn't do anything 'exciting' really........just shopped, ate, went to movies, ate, checked out flea markets, ate, took a tour of Caddo Lake, ate, you get the drift :) Funny thing is that we woke up every morning by 9 so that we could eat the gourmet breakfast prepared for us every morning by our wonderful hosts. None of that 'staying in bed all day' stuff for us! We did nap though, and that was strange for me.......I never sit still long enough for a nap unless I'm sick.

Since returning home I've spoken at a church in Alvarado, Texas. Cowboy Way Church off 35. If you're looking for a church home and live close by, it's a great place. We're friends with the pastor and his wife, and some of our family and friends attend there. I wasn't as nervous this time to speak, so that made it nice. Once finishing up there we had to leave and head straight to The Woodlands for my adjustment appointment and an interview for an Australian TV show. While in town we met with 2 other Esteem recipients and had dinner. I enjoyed that. It was nice to meet someone else who has had the implant and get to ask questions and compare opinions. That next morning the film crew was ready at 7 (Yikes!). I arrived, coffee in hand, after being up LITERALLY ALL NIGHT because Elise had a mysterious fever all night and did NOT sleep. First time in her life she's ever done that! It was NOT fun. She was so delirious at one point that she started singing what I like to call her 'Hominy Song'. She sings about hominy over and over. I have no idea where the child heard the word or what she thinks she's saying?!? It's pretty darn cute though when it's not being sung at 3 in the morning ;) Anyway, the film crew guys were very nice and efficient. I started some testing with Melinda, only to find out that I actually had some scar tissue. This was a bittersweet moment for me. Here I am on camera, I don't want to cry and be upset, so I work really hard to not do so. Melinda took me into the other room to inform me of the predicament, and we set up the minor surgery to have the scar tissue removed later in the day. I'll be honest with you and say that the worst part was getting the lydocaine (sp?) shots in my eardrum for the procedure. It hurt. I cried. Thank God by the second round of shots my ear was already numb so I didn't have to feel the rest of the shots. They draped me and I stayed awake while they made an incision in my ear then lasered off the tissue. They gave me Valium and Vicodin right beforehand, and I gotta tell you......that stuff is GREAT! Lol. Made surgery very endurable if I do say so myself. Took about 45 minutes altogether and we were on our way. They packed my ear with some foam gel stuff, so I cannot hear out of it. In a week I'll begin to put some special drops in it that will dissolve the foam and once it's cleared, my ear will be of use again. I go back in 2 weeks to get my actual adjustment since they weren't able to do it on Monday. They said I should be able to listen to the radio like I want, and I shouldn't have any feedback when doing certain things, and I should hear much louder and clearer. I'm very excited about that and focusing on that at this point.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have begun cooking. We are doing a family thing at my Grandma's tomorrow and for that I'm only cooking Cornbread Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, and a Veggie Tray. Saturday I'm having dinner here, and that will be the big 'cooking day' for me. This year, like so many others, hasn't been all good happenings.......but like we've learned...the grass still grows green through it all. Tomorrow, hug your loved ones. Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Thank those who have done something for you in your life. Speak encouragement to those who need it. Help others. This world can be a lonely and dark place at times, and everyone could use a little sunshine from time to time. We shouldn't wait for holidays to feel this way or express our should be done daily. I hope each and every one of you reading this has a blessed day and remembers to give thanks to the One who gave His all.

Much love,


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  2. Sarah, I hope you had a very happy thanksgiving and you are right, we shouldn't have to wait for this day to let us be thankful for all the things we have, all our loves are still among us and all those we cherish.

    Happy Holidays!