Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 7 & Day 8. Ooops.

Ooops, just realized I skipped a day of thankfulness. Let me back up one day here......

Day 7: I'm thankful for Ariel at The Magic Time Machine! (Yes, the mermaid Ariel) She made Oli's night :)

Now onto today's entry.....

Day 8: I'm thankful for the kindness of random strangers and the way God will place people in your path in odd ways! How many of you reading this have ever done a random act of kindness for someone you don't know? It made you feel good to help someone out didn't it? And it probably affected that person in ways you'll never know! I challenge everyone who reads this to start doing random acts of kindness more often. Sadly it should be this way all the time, but in this crazy, materialistic, 9 to 5, 'keepin up with the Jones' world.............we sometimes lose sight of what is good and right.

So, what's new with me??? Not too much. I've moved up on my remote in the last few days and am currently on C2. Some things are MUCH louder and I cringe at certain pitches......but I'm told that's normal. Lol. The shower was much louder for instance, and talking on the phone to certain people is tiresome at times, but overall I think I like the change. Still can't listen to the radio the way I'd like to and that makes me sad, but I'll not focus on that just yet. We got a new TV for our bedroom a couple of days ago, and I'm SO enjoying the nice great picture and sound quality ;) Anyone in need of a TV? Our old one is an albatross, but works just fine. Lol. Seriously though, it weighs about 3.625 tons. It's heavy.

In other news, I got a call from the people at The Drs. Show and they informed me that the episode I taped with them will air Monday, November 14th :) Still waiting to hear when other shows will air, but I think this is the only one in November that I'm aware of. Everything else had originally stated late December/early January. Well, I'm off to start dinner. This time change has not notified my belly, and I'm already hungry! Everyone have a nice night!


  1. Can I follow that in an internet channel?

  2. U gave me goosebumps in your youtube video :)

  3. I enjoy reading your articles and updates. Thanks!
    November 14th aye? :)