Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 5 & the weekend events!

Day 5: I'm thankful for family! Nothing like a birthday party to bring everyone together :) I've always enjoyed hosting everyone, and seeing everyone have a good time and chat and hang out makes my heart happy ♥

Well, yesterday's 'Carnival Party' went well!!! All of the kids really seemed to enjoy all the games, horse rides, face painting, and food. I was a little worried because we only had 18 fish and 47 kids, but the prizes other than fish went over very well. Great group of kids. I enjoyed talking with everyone and hanging out.

After the bulk of people left, Sloan, Misty, Ben, John C., Beth, and I all went down the tank and shot guns. This is only the 2nd time I've shot my Draco since getting my ear turned on. Getting used to the repercussion will take some getting used to. I've always had a hearing aid in my ear keeping it plugged, so that's a new sensation for me. Lol. Sloan makes me wear an ear plug in that ear now, but I shot a few times without it just to see what it was like. Once we got done shooting we went to our favorite little 'hole in the wall' Mexican food joint, Jalisco's. If you're ever in Mansfield Texas, you must eat there! We got done with dinner and headed over to the Farr Best Theater to watch Josh Weathers & The True Endeavors play. They sold out on tickets weeks ago, but Josh managed to get us some. (If you're reading this Josh or Kady, thanks again!) They had the full band there, and it was absolutely incredible!!!! It was very loud, but my ear was fine, and I really enjoyed it! Olivia and Elise danced their little hearts out all night long, and I have to say that Olivia now has quite a 'fan club'................the girl had to of learned her 'moves' from Daddy, cause Momma ain't got no rythm! Lol. She's in dance class, and we all dance and play music all the time here at home, but WOW, she really got a groove going last night :)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My next planned interviews are with the BBC out of England. We'll be going to a studio in Dallas next week for that. Not sure what else is on the docket as of many things are 'in the air', but nothing is 'solid' at this point. That's okay......we Churman's have always done well flying by the seat of our pants :)

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  1. Sarah.....I have never met you, but reading along with you on your blogs, I feel as if I know you well!!! Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday celebration!! Continue blogging, I love to read about your world :) I also have a friend that lives in Copperas Cove Texas, she told me your not too too far from her, if I ever make it back to Texas, I would love to meet up with you just for a hello and hug!! Your story is precious to me :) take care!! Your friend, Becky