Saturday, November 5, 2011

Olivia Li

Day 5: Today, I'm thankful for my 'China doll', Ms. Olivia Li! While we were living in China we decided to start trying to get pregnant and figured it'd take a few months......wrong!!! Ms. Olivia came along right away :) We brought her to the states in my belly, gave her a Chinese middle name, and 4 years ago on November 7th we welcomed her to the world. I cannot imagine my life without her, she's a ray of sunshine and is such a unique, confident, beautiful little girl. Today we celebrate her birthday <3

Olivia's Carnival Party is today! Got up at 7:45 on a Saturday...........if that ain't true love, I don't know what is ;) Ready to have a houseful of friends and family and celebrate. Hopefully the games and prizes go over well with the kiddos. Supposed to be 42 kids here today for Oli. I am so thankful that I can hear all her little antics and her 'grown up' voice. Later tonight we go see Josh Weathers' full band at Farr Best in Mansfield. I'm SUPER stoked about that. First time I've seen him play since getting my new ear. (Other than the karaoke night, but that doesn't count, awesome as it was.) Hope everyone has a great Saturday! Hug someone, tell them you love them and what they mean to you <3

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  1. It's amazing. It was the first Olivia Li's birthday that you heard.
    Lucky for you.

    (Excuse me my English :-))