Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving

I decided to jump on the bandwagon on Facebook and do the '30 Days of Thanksgiving'. Someone suggested I post them here on my blog as well, and I thought that was a great idea. This way I'll feel the need to post something every day.........even if it's just one sentence. I'm sorry I've gotten so behind on this. I've been getting stuff ready for my oldest daughter's birthday party that is this weekend.

Day 1: I'm thankful for my new ear and all those involved in helping me along the way. (Scientists, Doctors, etc.) These last couple of months have been AMAZIJNG. God really turned our world upside down and showered us with blessings in ways I never dreamed possible. (And He's continuing those blessings!)

Day 2: I'm thankful for my close circle of friends. As you get older you realize how important it is to surround yourself with good people. Genuine people that you can count on in any situation.

Today's: I'm thankful for and this amazing Amaretto Cake I got goin on. YUM.

Earlier today I was walking to the mailbox and I thought something was wrong with my ear. I was hearing an odd noise that was freaking me out. Come to find out, it was a tree full of black birds! They weren't singing or tweeting, it was like they were all ruffling their wings and feathers and talking. Sounded almost like when I first turn the TV on before turning on the antennae box. Crazy. Anyway, I have cakes on the counter, cakes in the stove, cakes everywhere........gotta get back to baking!

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